Software Accelerators

Boost your product development, while keeping ownership

Harness our vast knowledge and experience with the Witekio software accelerators! Designed to boost your development and deliver your technology to market faster. We help keep your projects on track by taking away the time, skills and experience you'd need to test, connect and update your device from scratch!

Pluma is a smart, automated, full-stack IoT testing tool designed for all your software development projects.

Kamea is a connected service platform builder dedicated to meeting the needs of equipment manufacturers. 

Our Board Support Package software is essential for electronic cards and processors. We also offer customized BSPs.

An OTA (Over the Air) Update solution perfect for any connected device, smart device, IoT device, or IoT network.

Why use a Software Accelerator?




Modern projects are becoming more and more complex due to advancing hardware, embedded software, security and connectivity.

What once could be done easily in-house, is now outsourced to ensure quality, reduce staffing costs and get the product to market faster.  

Witekio Accelerators have been designed to disrupt this trend by helping you keep ownership of your product lifecycle.

For two decades we’ve used the latest and best tools to help streamline software development lifecycles, and we’re yet to find an accelerator that fits our specific needs and exacting software standards.

This is why we’ve created our own accelerator tools, combining our experience in delivering hundreds of projects for customers worldwide, with our successful iteration of methods and processes. Who better to help develop your software than an On-Demand Software company?

Witekio can help you:

We give you the full source code. Meaning there’s no vendor locking and any accelerator you use is 100% transparent.

Our team has squeezed as much knowledge as we can into each product.

Each of our accelerators aims to help you win time and preserve your efforts for tricky parts of your project. 

Looking for more than acceleration?