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Cutting edge expertise in embedded systems design, development, and security.


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Linux Development and Yocto

Find out for yourself why we are a leading partner for all things Linux and Yocto Development

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GUI Development

Our engineers develop modern GUIs for various devices ranging from B2C to industrial IoT products.

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Our Partners

Almost two decades establishing partnerships with the leading players in the hardware & software ecosystem.


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PLUMA is an automated full-stack testing tool for IoT & embedded.

  • Full control over the project lifecycle
  • Continuous testing with early discovery of bugs and performance issues
  • MCU & MPU compatible

Case Studies


From re-building a complete software system for one of the product lines (inc. user experience and Cloud connectivity) to...


A global system vision, with system design and software architecture expertise, low-level Linux, and QT expertise.


The first machine has been out on the market for a few years now and there is a whole product range that now works with the same...

Evoca Group is a leading multinational company in the out-of-home coffee machine sector, providing comprehensive range of coffee machines and payment solutions for the Vending, Horeca and OCS markets.


To build a software platform to accelerate the development of projects, while enabling cost-effective, secured, and rapid IoT...


A dedicated team with a 4-step approach and third parties' integration.


An IoT platform ready to support the integration of multiple use cases and accelerate IoT projects in the Group.

“The team was totally focused on the business value and started by visiting plants & labs to clearly see the business needs. Then, Witekio has been a great technological guide into this IoT world...


A ticketing solution that combines multi solutions, optimal user experience; and secured pre-pay ticketing.


Technical expertise with Java and graphical interface reliability on an embedded Linux Platform.


Their mobile ticketing and innovative fare collection solutions are in use by 30 transport agencies and operators around the globe

“Witekio was an extremely responsive and knowledgeable supplier during this project, especially during the beta phase when they helped us resolve field issues very rapidly.” Nick Sutherland -...