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Innovation today starts with software.
From hardware to the cloud, our expert software team will help you design, develop and integrate a powerful software system tailored to your needs. Specializing in software for the embedded system and IoT objects, we are the co-pilots of your innovation projects.

Software services

We offer you the opportunity to leverage our experience and expertise, our knowledge and our innovation to power your device launch, relaunch, update, or upgrade. Whether designing and architecting a new device, migrating existing code, or optimizing and updating a code on a device already on the market, our teams know how to deliver the IoT software solutions and embedded solution you need to meet your strategic and operational needs in industries that include aeronautics, automotive, handheld and mobile, and consumer goods.

Ensuring Success

We’re an embedded solution company. We don’t measure success in the dollars we earn or the logos on our website. We don’t adopt complex formulas that track efficiency per employee and how many lines of code get written for every development hour that gets worked.

Customers of our expert embedded system and IoT company

Qt and Android for your embedded application?

Qt and Android
12/08/2020 - Downloaded 960

Our new white paper has finally identified an answer to a question pondered by software engineers: Should I use Qt, Android, or even both?

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    Our culture is all about sharing. We build together. Our team members share their experience and expertise as well as their vision and approaches through workshops, conferences and shared tools. Our project approach frequently integrates agility and allows teamwork, discussion and healthy competition. Everyone is able to express themselves and share their point of view to grow the company.