Witekio in a few words

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  • 18 Years of experience

  • 160+ Witekians around the world

  • 300 Customers and projects per year

  • 5 Offices in the world
    (Paris, Bristol, Seattle, Friedberg, Lyon).

Expertise in critical software areas

Witekio’s software experts help you tackle any complex software system challenge like system security, system update; OTA, etc.

Project methods tailored to your needs

Thanks to an extensive project management experience, we integrate Agile methods for user-oriented innovation: scrum, design thinking, UX-UI design, POC

Varied customer base

From start-ups to global companies, our customers are diverse and our teams adapt to you and your needs

An embedded software or IoT device project?

Our partners

Working with Witekio offers you more than just access to our teams of developers, engineers, architects, and project managers. You also gain access to a network of partners that will help power your project, accelerate your go-to-market, and assure the smooth launch of your product or system. Whether card and microprocessor designers and manufacturers or software developers and publishers, our network of long-established partnerships represents a web of collaboration unmatched in the IoT and embedded software industry.

Our Values and Beliefs

We believe that software is at the heart of all technology. Software has always been important, but it is becoming more essential every day as new devices emerge and the IoT expands.

We believe that the invisible code – the code that supports the entire system – is vital to the operation, security, and market perception of a device or system. Getting it right is non-negotiable.