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If you’ve looked at any of our software service pages, you’ve probably spotted that we focus on our customer’s pain points A LOT. It’s because we really do care. It’s not a marketing ploy to hook you in, but the ethos Witekio was created with over 20 years ago. How do we take the pain away from creating tailored embedded systems?

Our offerings may have expanded, and we now cover full-stack development from low levels to embedded applications and connectivity, but our passion for solving your problems with software still remains.

If you want to learn more about why you’d choose Witekio as a software provider – click here. But if you want to learn more about who we are and what we stand for, you’re in the right place.

Code so good you could frame it

We pride ourselves on our code-first approach that’s backed up by our hardware mindset.

Due to the rise of connected products, software is becoming more complex, and therefore so is the knowledge base you need to successfully create and integrate an embedded system.

Our expert team creates crystal-clear custom code for each and every project we work on. Each line and </> is there to boost the operation, security, and reliability of a system. Getting it right is non-negotiable.

Our reputation was so good that in 2019 we were acquired by Avnet, the global hardware giant, to be part of its family. We like to think of ourselves software A(++) team 🧨

Global Reach. Local Knowledge.

We’re global, and not in a “we have a sales office in your country” way. Instead, we have dedicated project managers, developers, engineers, and system architects in four countries across Europe, the UK and the US so that we can be close to you and your teams, and always ready to add value to your business.

Around the clock, around the world: we’re on hand to help you succeed. We have the perfect mix of local knowledge to help power your ideas, and the global reach to help you take them to market.

Our diverse and knowledge-rich team also enables us to think outside of the box. Whether it’s talking to our industrial-expert colleagues in Stuttgart, discussing the latest operating system needs in Bristol’s Silicon Gorge, talking all things embedded application design in Paris, or connected security in the Emerald City of Seattle, home to Amazon, Boeing, and Microsoft.

We hire champions.

We set a high bar and continuously invest in our people, so they can help you succeed.

Our team works together, they help each other, and they bounce ideas off each other constantly. Good ideas are shared inside the team and with our partners and clients. Breakthroughs are celebrated, successes emulated, and we win as a team every time.

This teamwork is built on a high level of trust and enormous team spirit. Our developers and engineers trust each other to deliver their best work and encourage each other to maintain the best practices we’re famous for. We’ve worked hard to build and maintain a culture that celebrates the team, not the individual: when we win and when we succeed, we do it together.

By investing in a culture of growth, collaboration and fun we ensure our team enjoys the work that they are doing and adds incredible value for our clients.

We are convinced that to succeed in achieving great things you need to think differently. All of the Witekio team are aligned on our core beliefs, and they live our values every day. We extend the trust and team spirit of our offices to our partners and clients and add value by always living up to the high standards we set for ourselves.

Now you know who we are, discover what we do:

Our 20 years of experience on tap.

Streamline your embedded system development.

User-centric embedded applications.

Everything you need to connect your product.