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Witekio’s Perspective letter is an insights of over 200 projects per year our experts work on, and enable decision-makers to connect the dots and decode what is behind the hype!

2021 Q1

« Edge AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning, IoT platforms. We are blasted every week with new “disruptive” technologies that will “change our world”. While it’s true that tech like this will have long term impacts on R&D stakes and focus, my 15 years in the field tells me that these impacts never happen as fast as expected and that the gap between “promising” and “industrial grade” is big. « 

2020 Q4

“IoT and embedded are fast moving markets, especially on the software side which is greatly growing thanks to its large community. It’s not always easy for you, innovators, to step back, analyze, and get a holistic understanding to help drive good decisions. »

  • TINY ML, a rising star
  • Open Source CPU at the top of expectations
  • Edge AI heading toward the though of disillusionment?

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