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Thanks to our 20 + years of experience, we’ve cemented our place at the heart of the embedded and IoT software industry and have partnerships with the biggest names in tech.

As we offer edge-to-cloud embedded development services across hundreds of real-life projects every year, we are in a unique position to have firsthand experience with the latest tech and how it operates.

In fact, we’re so knowledgeable about the capabilities of some of our partners that they are our customers too!

But what does this mean for you?

It means you gain access to a network of partners that will help power your project, accelerate your go-to-market, and ensure the smooth launch of your product or system.

Whether it’s microprocessor designers and manufacturers or software developers and publishers, our network of long-established partnerships represents a web of collaboration unmatched in the IoT and embedded software industry.

Our partnerships can help you:

Level up products

We have the knowledge to get the most out of the technology you need and will advise you on the best products to use

Go to market quicker

Our partnership network spans the entire IoT ecosystem, and we’ll leverage this to get the best results for your project on-time

Eliminate risk

We can help you secure custom hardware that will meet your software expectations, so there are no nasty surprises when it comes to functionality

Our embedded and IoT partners include:

Avnet Partner

Witekio is an Avnet company, and together we can offer customers a comprehensive suite of IoT solutions that include hardware, software, and services.

Leverage Avnet’s extensive experience in IoT hardware and Witekio’s expertise in software development to create end-to-end solutions that are highly optimized, secure, and scalable.

Yocto Project Partner

With over ten years of experience using the Yocto Project’s open-source software to deliver hundreds of successful embedded projects, we have unparalleled expertise in helping our customers build, secure and maintain their embedded distribution.

We love the Yocto Project so much that in November 2023, we became an official Gold Member of the Yocto Project, dedicating our time, money and resources to better support the community, and in the long run, elevate our client’s embedded systems.

QT Partner

Witekio has been a Qt official partner for over seven years and we’ve teamed up on a number of joint projects, demonstrations, events and webinars.

In fact, we have had over 50 successful projects delivered for a variety of industries using the Qt framework and can help you with all things GUI & HMI.

As Linux experts, we know how to ensure Qt integrates seamlessly with Yocto for your Embedded Linux device.

ST Microelectronics Partner

We’ve been an official STMicroelectronics partner for years and have collaborated on a wide range of projects across a host of industries.

Witekio can take care of all your STPMIC, STM32MPU, STM32MP1 and MP1SECURE projects.

On top of Embedded Software and Engineering Services, we can offer tailored training for all your ST embedded needs.

NXP Partner

Witekio has been an official NXP partner for over 17 years, meaning we’ve truly evolved and grown with NXP’s products and have developed a deep knowledge of its capabilities.

We can help with all things i.MX – from optimization to connectivity, migration and more. Whether you need a workshop to explore your NXP hardware options, or tailored training for your engineers, we’re here.

ARM Partner

After years of teamwork, we’re happy to say that you can now find Witekio on the Arm official partner catalogue.

As well as development on Arms Cortex-A, Cortex-M, Security IP, Hardware Development Tools and Subsystem, we have first-hand experience with the latest Arm SystemReady programme.

The Embedded Kit Partner

Witekio is an official partner of The Embedded Kit – an all-in-one toolkit for Embedded Linux development.

The Embedded Kit product portfolio includes four software tools designed to build, connect, test, and secure any custom embedded Linux system and is perfect for anyone looking to fast-track their development with a pre-built Yocto distro for hardware from STMicroelectronics, NXP and more. 

Other partners include:

More than a cooperation

Forging a strong technology partnership is about more than a signature on a contract or a logo on a webpage. Truly strong partnerships are born of trust, confidence, shared experiences, and a commitment to delivering the world’s best solutions.

Our partners appreciate our expertise, commitment to quality code, and creativity. Our strong relationships have been developed with industry leaders, sometimes over decades of close collaboration, and Witekio has established itself as a partner of choice for the world’s leading developers, designers, vendors, manufacturers, and publishers.

What is a Witekio IoT partner?

For us, an ideal IoT partner is an established business in the tech sector that offers services that our clients need as part of their embedded systems.

The collaboration will extend to more than just third-party ambassadorship as it will see our two companies actively work together to foster success for our mutual customers and take part in joint projects including webinars, events, and more.

Witekio wants to work with partners who are experts in their industry and look for businesses with both a strong local and global presence.

Take Advantage of Witekio’s Network of Partnerships

If you’d like to become a Witekio Partner or want to know more about how we can help your project with our partners, get in touch below:

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