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Witekio management discusses anniversary celebrations, the realisation of the living product, equipment-as-a-service and much more. 

Witekio, an Avnet company, has celebrated its twenty-year anniversary this month with a range of events across its office locations in Paris, Lyon, Bristol, and Seattle.  

The events, which were attended by employees, former employees, clients, customers, and industry thought leaders, aimed to celebrate the company’s 20-year achievement with its community, as well as provide insight into the embedded software industry. 

The main topic of the celebrations centred around the subject ‘beyond the tech hype’ and enabled Witekio management to explain and demonstrate the tech hype cycle applied to the embedded industry. From invention to innovation, and ultimately, the dip before real-life use-case production 

Witekio CEO, Samir Bounab, expands:

When we look to the next twenty years or even the next ‘big thing’ in tech, we’d be foolish to dismiss the ongoing innovation and promise of IoT.

IoT will enable new business models, such as equipment-asa-service, that can completely switch the product -> sell model.

Now instead of selling as much product as possible, OEMs can focus on making their product long-lasting and easy to maintain, while building a reliable source of steady, high-profit income streams, thanks to the aaS model.  

According to data by Statista, there are approximately 13.8 billion IoT devices in the world today, meaning around 6 billion more devices than humans. This growing demand for connectivity has helped Witekio expand its offerings, as device makers look for not just low-level fixes, but seamless user interfaces, over-the-air updates, machine learning and more.  

Nicolas Duvernay, VP of Sales, and Marketing at Witekio, addressed the evolution of their business model and how they plan to continue with the future of software becoming more and more complex. 

We must be realistic that things like off-the-shelf solutions and ready-to-use software stacks will be possible, especially for generic development blocks.

And if this is the best or most affordable option for our clients, we will use them.

However, when it comes to new solutions for a software issue, something that’s never been done or thought of, our competitive advantage will always be the knowledge, experience, and creativity of our experienced team.

We must be careful not to expect too much from tech, too soon. 

Over 300 people attended the events, which alongside industry insight and a brief glimpse into Witekio’s history, offered a chance for networking and fun.  

Guest speakers at the events included CXO of Edge Impulse Adam Benzion, Witekio founder Yannick Chammings, tech influencer Nikolaj Groeneweg, Valmido founders Gaëlle and Marc Muller, and Neonode director of Sales Bastien Beauvois. 

Further cementing Witekio’s standing within the industry, several key members of the community from companies including STMicroelectronics, Qt, Avnet, NXP, Microsoft and more were present at the events.  

You can see the full 20 years of Witekio interview, which includes insight into the next trends and how the company will evolve, here:

Georgie Ryan Casling - Content Manager
28 September 2022