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Success starts with our core beliefs

We believe that software is at the heart of all technology. Software has always been important, but it is becoming more essential every day as new devices emerge and the IoT expands.

We believe that the invisible code – the code that supports the entire system – is vital to the operation, security, and market perception of a device or system. Getting it right is non-negotiable.

We believe that the best system designs emerge from creative thinking. Calling legacy systems into question and thinking outside of the box are key steps towards building systems that deliver.

And we believe that low-cost code can never contribute to the excellence or longevity of a product or system. Cutting corners is a short-term tactic and can only lead to long-term loss.

Core Beliefs and a Commitment to Quality Lead to Success

Over more than 15 years Witekio has helped deliver thousands of the world’s most innovative IoT and embedded software projects. Every project is different, but every project is managed and delivered in line with the beliefs and values that define ‘the Witekio Way’.

Our commitment to high-quality code and stable, scalable, and efficient software is unwavering. We choose to work with companies that believe as we do, that success for products and systems that you do see is built on what you don’t see: the code that drives the system, powers a platform, and provides the basis for an ecosystem.

Lyon. Paris. Bristol. Friedberg. Seattle.

We’re global, and not in a “we have a sales office in your country” way. Instead, we have dedicated project managers, developers, engineers, and system architects in four countries across Europe and the US so that we can be close to you and your teams, and always ready to add value to your business. Around the clock, around the world: we’re on hand to help you succeed.


Global Reach. Local Knowledge.

We have teams in the same places you do: the most innovative, investment-rich, and energetic technology hubs in the world. We work the same ecosystems you do, whether it’s capital-rich Frankfurt, Bristol’s Silicon Gorge, or the Emerald City of Seattle, home to Amazon, Boeing, and Microsoft. We have the perfect mix of local knowledge to help power your ideas, and the global reach to help you take them to market.

Years of Success Founded on Strong Shared Values

The Witekio team is very diverse. They are drawn from dozens of countries and cultures and represent a sample of the best engineers, developers, project managers, and architects in the world.

Transcending any differences, though, are the values that this team shares. These values are the foundation for the success that our customers enjoy, and they inform the approach that Witekio takes to every project.

We start with teamwork: collaboration, exchange, and then emulation.

Our team works together, they help each other, and they bounce ideas off each other constantly. Good ideas are shared inside the team and with our partners and clients, too. Breakthroughs are celebrated, successes emulated, and we win as a team every time.

This teamwork is built on a high level of trust and enormous team spirit. Our developers and engineers trust each other to deliver their best work and encourage each other to maintain the best practices we’re famous for. We’ve worked hard to build and maintain a culture that celebrates the team, not the individual: when we win and when we succeed, we do it together.

We approach all of our projects with open-mindedness. We know that you are innovating, and we are, too. We dare to rethink, revamp, and reinvent. We burn to construct and build, are we’re excited to take on challenges that others imagine are too hard, too early, or too impossible right now.

Every project is approached with passion and a commitment to quality. We are proud of the work that we do, passionate about the projects that we take on, and consistently push ourselves to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Finally, we value fun. We understand that fun is not the opposite of serious nor quality. A team that has fun when they work is not subtracting value from a project; instead, we know that teams that have fun and enjoy the work that they are doing add incredible value for our clients, and we have a strong of success stories that prove this again and again.

We are convinced that to succeed in achieving great things you need to think differently. All of the Witekio team are aligned on our core beliefs and they live our values every day. We extend the trust and team spirit of our offices to our partners and clients and add value by always living up to the high standards we set for ourselves.

We’ve delivered thousands of projects over more than 15 years and all have been built on the same foundation of core beliefs and shared values. No matter the domain, no matter the partner, no matter the client, we collaborate closely, trust implicitly, maintain creative open-minds and a sense of fun, and bring our passion and commitment to quality code to every single project. We know that our long history of success is no accident but is the end result of building a team aligned around core beliefs, shared values, and the best practices that flow from these.

Witekio Partners: Shared Values, Shared Success

We have built a global network of partners including electronic card designers, distributors, and software vendors. Our shared values and closer relationships help you accelerate your time to market, reduce project risk, anticipate the launch of new designs and software versions, and maintain access to industry-leading end-to-end support. We are a member of the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance, a Texas Instruments Platinum Partner, and a Gold Level Member of the Windows Embedded Partner Program by Microsoft.

What’s New at Witekio: Blog, Events, and More

Working with the world’s leading IoT companies, taking on hundreds of customer projects each year, and remaining on the cutting edge of embedded software development means there is always something happening at Witekio. Check out Witekio’s News and Events to gather tips on how to take advantage of new technologies, learn what we presented at conferences and conventions worldwide, and be the first to read about the exciting advances our engineers are making in the world of IoT and embedded software.