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Working with Witekio offers you more than just access to our teams of developers, engineers, architects, and project managers. You also gain access to a network of partners that will help power your project, accelerate your go-to-market, and assure the smooth launch of your product or system. Whether card and microprocessor designers and manufacturers or software developers and publishers, our network of long-established partnerships represents a web of collaboration unmatched in the IoT and embedded software industry.

A Trusted Partner for Market Leaders Worldwide

Forging a strong technology partnership is about more than a signature on a contract or a logo on a webpage. Truly strong partnerships are born of trust, confidence, shared experiences, and a commitment to delivering the world’s best solutions.

At Witekio we’ve spent two decades establishing and maintaining partnerships with the leading players in the electronic card, microprocessor, and software sectors. Today, the value of these collaborations flows to our clients who benefit from acquired expertise, industry connections, and the confidence inspired by twenty years of working alongside industry leaders.

Witekio has been NXP gold partner for years now. It all started with BSP development more than 15 years ago. Our engineers have developed expertise on all the i.MX range, and use their proficiency to develop complete systems including NXP hardware, from the hardware to the cloud.

STMicroelectronics builds on its expertise in ARM Cortex with the STM32MP1, its first multicore microprocessor. As the Android 9.0 board bring-up partner, Witekio has gained a deep knowledge of the STM32MP1 and can help with any software-related challenge whether on Linux or Android, and speed up your product development journey.

We are a Gold Level Member of Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Partner Program and offer a wide choice of WinCE, Windows Embedded Compact 7, and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 board support packages. Additionally, we are developing a partnership with Microsoft’s Azure and Azure IoT cloud platforms as our experience in new edge computing and artificial intelligence technologies grows.

Our team has a deep understanding of the cloud technologies you need to build scalable cost-optimized applications on AWS. Witekio is a registered AWS partner with AWS certified Technical professionals. Our cloud engineers and architects hold numerous AWS certificates across areas like DevOps, Solutions Architecture, Big Data, and more. We can help you build new cloud-based applications, migrate current workloads, or dream up integrations with your existing systems.

NVIDIA devices provide powerful solutions for AI, image processing, intensive graphics, and more. By understanding what you want to achieve, Witekio helps you define the solutions and technical goals to get your intelligent hardware device production-readyon the NVIDIA-based platformfrom hardware component selection, architecture, software design/development, security, Over-The-Air (OTA), and connecting to an IoT cloud platform.

Card Designers, Manufacturers, and Distributors

We have developed a network of partnerships with leading electronic card designers, manufacturers, and distributors in order to accelerate the time to market for customer solutions, reduce software project risk, and provide quality support for all smart object and IoT projects. Our close relationships with our electronic card partners mean we always anticipate the release of new cards, adapt our software quickly, and can support our customers through platform changes.


Software Developers, Publishers, and Vendors

As an integrator of complete software systems from physical objects to the cloud, we have developed a network of partnerships with leading software actors in the embedded and connected objects space. Whether developers of operating systems, framework publishers or vendors of specific security and testing solutions, our partnerships ensure that you are always in good hands when you entrust your projects to Witekio.

Take Advantage of Witekio’s Network of Partnerships

A strong network of partnerships with leading hardware and software firms adds value that you can leverage to your advantage. Our close relationships, shared expertise, and years of experience working with industry leaders.

We are always ahead of the curve when new technologies emerge, and we can help support your innovation and accelerate your go-to-market.

On the card side, we are ST Microelectornics’s partner for all software support on their STM32MP1 platform as well as one of NXP‘s most important partners in low-level development and OS porting of the i.MX family of processors. We are an Affiliate Member of Intel’s Embedded Alliance, and a Member of their IoT Solutions Alliance, too. We provide the software integration of Linux FOSS and Android AOSP on the Renesas RZ-G1 reference platform, and the official publisher of the Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 BSPs for Xilinx’s reference platform, Zynq-7000. We are also proud to be a Platinum Partner of Texas Instruments and provide development, support, and maintenance for the main Android and Windows Embedded Compact reference BSPs of the Sitara™ family of processors.

Witekio partners with electronic card manufacturers Boundary DevicesCongatecLacroix Electronics, and Variscite. We are Phytec’s official partner for system integration and support for Windows Embedded technology on phyCORE modules, and a special partner of Advantech IoT Intelligent Systems for system software integration and the implementation of the main OSs on Advantech electronics modules (Android, Linux, Windows, QNX).

On the software side, we maintain a nearly 20 year-long collaboration with The Linux Foundation and our team regularly shares their deep knowledge at Embedded Linux Conferences, in Linux training sessions, and in workshops for clients. We work with Micro EJ to integrate their connected objects OS to smart devices and to address problems in deploying connected objects worldwide. We also partner with The Qt Company on the development of innovative human-machine interfaces, and with QNX on building reliable and secure solutions for the automotive, industrial, and medical device markets.

Witekio partners with Datalight and their software solutions that meet the growing need for data security of embedded devices develop reliable and robust solutions in a highly standardized environment with Green Hills Software, and takes advantage of Lauterbach’s development, testing, and debugging technologies, too.

Witekio’s strong partnerships add enormous value to your project. Whether it is our long-standing relationships with card designers, manufacturers, and distributors, or our enduring collaborations with leading software developers, publishers, and vendors, we have the trusted connections needed to ensure your project has enjoys the best chance to succeed. Leverage our partnerships to launch with assurance and grow with confidence.

Our partners appreciate our experience, expertise, commitment to quality code, and creativity. Strong relationships have been forged with industry leaders, sometimes over decades of close collaboration, and Witekio has established itself as a partner of choice for the world’s leading developers, designers, vendors, manufacturers, and publishers.