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In late 2019 Witekio was acquired by the Avnet Group. Avnet had every hardware skillset covered, but it needed to fold embedded expertise into the mix to provide a one-stop shop for clients’ hardware and software development needs.

Thanks to our vast experience, embedded expertise and industry use cases, Witekio was just the company Avnet needed, and in time we became part of Avnet Embedded.

At the time of its acquisition, Witekio was experiencing rapid growth (+50% in 3 years) and the management team determined that it was the right moment to scale. Avnet Embedded offered Witekio global technology expertise and a powerful ecosystem of clients and partners that would enable the company to realize the bright future it foresaw.

The acquisition of Witekio by Avnet did not change the core functions of the company, however, nor force changes to its essential DNA.

Witekio remains an embedded software design house and, while it has always had close partnerships with hardware vendors, the skillset and expertise of the firm demands that it remain a ‘software first’ enterprise.

Together, however, Witekio and Avnet can provide world-leading IoT software and hardware to clients in every industry around the world.

Our joint goal is simple – to design, make, supply, and deliver high-quality end-to-end solutions that are highly optimized, secure, and scalable. We offer an unparalleled end-to-end ecosystem for IoT device development.

Our capabilities allow customers to:

Reduce time to market
Thanks to the combined hardware and software offerings. No more shopping around for compatible partners.
Reduce risks
Having each end of development involved from day one ensures smooth timelines and communication.
Boost productivity
Reduce the time, cost, and complexity of bringing IoT products to market with two trusted partners.
Bridge skillset gaps
Benefit from our combined skillsets and expertise. No need to plug gaps in-house.

Our partnership in action

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Firstkind Ltd wanted to launch a new product range that had to be connected, secure and user-friendly.
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