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In late 2019 Witekio was acquired by the Avnet Group  which includes also Avnet Embedded

At the time of its acquisition, Witekio was experiencing rapid growth (+50% in 3 years) and the management team determined that it was the right moment to scale. Avnet Embedded offered Witekio global technology expertise and a powerful ecosystem of clients and partners that would enable the company to realize the bright future it foresaw.

Witekio joined Avnet’s specialized Avnet embedded and IoT branch that had, in just two years, already proved to be a cornerstone in Avnet’s transformation strategy. Witekio now has the chance to work closely with Avnet and its partners in other areas, including an expansion into the provision of hardware components relevant to Witekio projects.

After Avnet IoT comes Avnet Embedded

The acquisition of Witekio by Avnet did not change the core functions of the company, nor force changes to its essential DNA.

Witekio remains an embedded software design house and, while it has always had close partnerships with hardware vendors, the skillset and expertise of the firm demands that it remain a ‘software first’ enterprise. However, the close relationship with Avnet and the wider ecosystem of the Avnet Group means that Witekio’s clients have access to an unparalleled ecosystem for IoT product development. Indeed, just as Witekio is the expert for embedded and IoT software, Avnet also has expert branches focused on hardware design, distribution, and production but also on cloud and business intelligence.

Avnet has a history of strong and successful acquisitions in the IoT, embedded, and technology sectors both in Europe and North America. In joining Avnet, Witekio joins technology distribution companies Silica, EBV, and Abacus, electronic design and production companies including Dragon Innovation, Avnet Integrated, and Premier Farnell, and media groups and Element14. The Avnet Group today represents one of the most exciting organizations in the IoT technology space.

Avnet Embedded: A Strong and Growing Group

One Ecosystem with Distinct Brands

Avnet’s management understands the strength of brands like Witekio in the IoT and technology space. For this reason, the Avnet Group has adopted a single ecosystem with multiple brands approach to its corporate management. Within the wider Avnet ecosystem recognized brands like MakerSource, Premier Farnell, Witekio, and stand alongside Avnet. Witekio, then, remains Witekio, but now with access to a wider support and partnership ecosystem to the benefit of clients like you.

Witekio and Avnet Embedded: One Group, Two Companies, One Goal

As part of the Avnet family, Witekio contributes to providing an unparalleled end-to-end ecosystem for IoT devices development.

Since its launch nearly 20 years ago, Witekio the company, and all Witekians have been dedicated to delivering superior customer support and the highest quality code for your software development projects. We have sought to extend those expert capabilities to support your product development at every stage, and as part of the Avnet group, this goal has been realized. Today we can deliver expertise not only in software but now also in hardware, cloud analytics as well as logistics, and lifecycle management for the embedded and IoT worlds.

The combination of our embedded software and design expertise with Avnet’s robust technology ecosystem is a game-changer in the industry. Together we have reduced the time, cost, and complexity of bringing IoT products to market. We’re generating value for clients in a variety of industries and they are returning to Avnet Embedded and Witekio time and again to continue to benefit from our combined skillsets and expertise.

In acquiring Witekio Avnet’s leadership was impressed by our people, our skills, and our 18-year track record of success. We, in turn, saw the enormous opportunity that would be on offer in joining an industry leader and changing the scale of our R&D co-pilot offer. The senior management of both Avnet Embedded and Witekio, as well as their teams, share a common vision of what makes an IoT project successful. We share the same passion for high-tech innovation, and the same eagerness to build the future. Together with Avnet, we aim to design, make, supply, and deliver high-quality technology solutions to every corner of the world.

Yet even with the acquisition, Witekio remains Witekio, with its people and distinct culture. We retain the combination of technical excellence, empathy, and creativity we’ve developed to serve demanding high-tech companies. Your sales, your projects, and your technical contacts stay the same, just as the Witekio management team in every one of our offices around the world has been maintained, too.

In partnership, the two firms now present a common cause to provide world-leading IoT software and hardware to the most demanding clients in the most complex industries around the world. Each company complements the skill set of the other, and Witekio’s place in and access to the Avnet ecosystem strengthens an already growing company in a real and important way.

Witekio’s acquisition by Avnet Embedded has made both companies stronger.

Witekio has always prided itself on its commitment to customers. Our engineers are committed to excellence and take real ownership of the projects they are assigned. This commitment has helped Witekio establish a reputation as a developer of choice in the IoT and embedded device space with an 18-year track record of success. With the acquisition of Witekio by Avnet this record of success is augmented by a major player investing in the IoT space and delivering a client, partner, and brand ecosystem that generates value for Witekio clients and that can be leveraged with immediate effect.

We’ve delivered thousands of projects over more than 15 years and all have been built on the same foundation of core beliefs and shared values. No matter the domain, no matter the partner, no matter the client, we collaborate closely, trust implicitly, maintain creative open-minds and a sense of fun, and bring our passion and commitment to quality code to every single project. We know that our long history of success is no accident but is the end result of building a team aligned around core beliefs, shared values, and the best practices that flow from these.

Witekio’s strong partnerships add enormous value to your project. Whether it is our long-standing relationships with board designers, manufacturers, and distributors, or our enduring collaborations with leading software developers, publishers, and vendors, we have the trusted connections needed to ensure your project has the best chance to succeed. Leverage our partnerships to launch with assurance and grow with confidence.