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At Witekio we’ve been connecting IoT to the cloud since cloud computing first emerged!

We understand that there is no single cloud solution that is right for every project and we add value by sharing our mastery of the data chain, our understanding of cyber security and compliance, and architecting scalable cloud and edge infrastructure.

Whether public or private cloud, fixed in place or mobile, consumer device or enterprise application, we’ve worked with success across all industries to deliver next-generation connectivity prepared to scale.

We can help you with
Integrating cloud connectivity into a device involves navigating a complex landscape of protocols, APIs, and authentication methods. We help you choose the right technology stack and enable seamless communication between the device and the cloud.
Ensuring the security of data transmission and storage is a top priority. Designing robust encryption, authentication mechanisms, and secure channels to protect sensitive information from potential breaches is what our security team does best.
As the number of connected devices grows, ensuring the cloud infrastructure can handle the increased load becomes critical. Scalability challenges can arise in terms of processing power, storage capacity, and network bandwidth.

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Our teams have connected hundreds of different IoT devices to a variety of cloud infrastructure offers, including market leaders AWSGCP, and Azure. With tried and tested methodologies and an agile approach that encourages questioning data storage, transmission, and security needs, we help businesses like yours make the right cloud choices so that their cloud infrastructure delivers for their customers and their business.

Whether a single class of IoT devices or a network of different IoT products, the cloud offers significant advantages over traditional solutions for data storage, processing, and computing.

With help from Witekio, you can connect your IoT project to the cloud to launch faster, scale more quickly, and leverage the data that you capture and that your users share, letting you generate a return on your investment and prepare for future innovation without breaking the bank.

Our Device Cloud Connectivity services include:

  • Device-to-Cloud Communication development
  • Data Storage and Management
  • Security and Authentication 
  • Device Provisioning and Management
  • Scalability and Reliability precautions 
  • APIs and Integration
  • Compliance and Regulations
  • Support and Maintenance



With over 20 years of experience making embedded systems and developing IoT products, Witekio draws upon a wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Our “secure by design” methodology ensures that your cloud devices will be hardened against threats and vulnerabilities from the outset.


We align our cloud connectivity services with your objectives, delivering tailored solutions that meet your needs. We believe true collaboration = success.

Development Needs
Cloud connectivity, HMI development, OS migration
Witekio's Cloud Solutions In Action

L'Oréal required a cloud connectivity solution for their innovative Le Teint Particulier project, enabling personalized makeup development based on individual skin type and tone. The solution's primary operations included facial scanning and dispensing personalized makeup. Cloud connectivity was essential to gather and manage customer data and ensure seamless communication between devices.

Witekio's expertise in cloud connectivity and IoT app development made us the ideal partner for L'Oréal's project. We undertook the following steps:

  • Created a cloud connectivity solution for data collection and management, using the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure to ensure secure storage and accessibility.
  • Ensured reliable Bluetooth communication between the scanning device, makeup machine, and application.
  • System software integration, from high level software layers to the Cloud
  • Develop cross-platform application for Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and iOS using Xamarin.
  • Deliver a user-friendly interface with customizable UI.

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