Embedded Software Engineering Services

We help Device Makers to design, build, secure, and  maintain embedded OS platforms

We bridge the skill and resource gap 

20 years in the embedded Industry with a unique skillset of 180 Engineers, Embedded Software development is our DNA

We’ve helped hundreds of products get to market with our full-stack embedded software services and can step in wherever you are on your product development roadmap.

Whether you’re looking for consultation on your hardware choices, a custom Yocto distribution, OS migration, driver development, or the full works, our team of expert engineers are ready to ensure your project's success.

Our Services Can Help You:
We are known for our vast Linux and Yocto Proficiency. Take away the time-consuming pain of building customized embedded systems with open-source technologies.
Development Work
In today's market we know you need faster development cycles. Our tried and tested development process can help you reduce time-to-market, ensuring your products stay ahead of the competition.
Building anything from scratch means you need test it mercilessly to ensure a reliable product that lasts. Our 20 years of experience and quality code will deliver dependable solutions every time.

Embedded System Consulting

We’ve boiled down 20 years of knowledge into the three key consulting areas that we see device makers struggle with time and time again.

Our embedded software consulting services take place over several in-person (or online) workshops, giving our team the time to first fully understand your project and problems before creating clear outcomes that can be used to take your device from proof of concept to market.

We think about both short and long-term goals and bring in our brightest minds from across the embedded software skillset to help cover every outcome and leave no stone unturned.

System Architecture Consulting

Creation of a clear software roadmap to get you to market on time. A PoC in your pocket.

Embedded Security Consulting

Discover your product’s cyber security vulnerabilities before development begins.

Embedded Software Development Services

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to create a product based on an MPU or MCU, our full-stack services can ensure optimal performance of your hardware from the lower software levels up.

We pride ourselves on our code-first approach, meaning we create custom software solutions designed to fit your project needs and can develop from scratch, or using any of the available open-source frameworks in the market.

With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of products under our belt, the Witekio team understands the pitfalls you want to avoid, the best way to get the results you need, and the right methodology to get you to market on time.

MCU Software Development

Custom development of software applications and firmware for Microcontroller Units

MPU Software Development

Programming, optimization, and firmware for Microprocessor Units.

Linux Software Development

Harness the power of Linux-based operating systems for your device.

Yocto Software Development

Custom Linux-based embedded systems made easy. We’re Yocto experts.

Firmware Development

Smooth interactions between hardware and software components.

OS Migration

Modernize your existing OS without disrupting critical operations. 

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Embedded Software with a Hardware Mindset

We believe to get the best performance for your product, you need to understand both your hardware limitations and the ways your software can help navigate them.

As an Avnet company, we understand hardware and specialize in software – so we can give you the best of both worlds.

We are tech-agnostic and have strong partnerships with some of the biggest silicon vendors in the industry, we’re so trusted that we’ve even worked for some of them to create their products!

From our first consulting workshop to our end-of-project results, the Witekio team showed in-depth knowledge and insight into our needs and the embedded ecosystem. We would recommend the team to any company looking for an embedded solution and foolproof plan to get there.


Tried and Trusted

Thanks to our 20+ years of experience we know the challenges faced by businesses when bringing connected products to market. We use this knowledge to guide and level up every project we touch.

Full Customization

We are experts at crafting embedded software solutions tailored specifically to your product requirements. This will help guarantee seamless hardware integration and optimal performance for years to come.

Security first approach

We’re ISO 27001 certified and ensure every product we work on meets this industry standard. We believe security should never be an afterthought, but a priority from concept to integration, testing, and beyond.

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