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Discover your vulnerabilities with our IoT Device Security Workshop. Designed by our experts to secure your device from the hardware to the cloud.

To get the very best of our knowledge and skillset, we recommend your security workshop takes place at the start of your product lifecycle. This is so that we can implement a security by design approach that will ensure your product is secure from the inside out.

If you are further down the production line, or even in the market already – don’t worry, our team can still help.

What does a security workshop involve?

Think of it as a security audit, where we aim to uncover any and all security threats.

Working with our team, we’ll first examine the entirety of your product to get the lay of the land, once we know what we’re dealing with, we’ll set about discovering all relevant attack paths, before working out the best ways to reduce security targets.

Each session will consist of a 1/2 day workshop, we believe leaving time between sessions to uncover and document our findings, gives everyone the best and most thought-out results. Security assessments should never be rushed.

What you'll leave our IoT Security workshop with

1. A deeper understanding of your product from a security mindset

2. An in-depth vulnerability analysis document

3. Your custom device attack tree

4. Recommended development steps to secure your device

Who should attend the security workshops?

Our security workshops are customized to each specific device and industry. However, to get the most from the sessions with our experts we advise you to include:

  •  The project Architect who has the best understanding of the product or system as a whole. They will help our team explore the attack paths targeting the product or system.
  • An Engineer who helped develop the product, as they will have technical knowledge of the specific implementations, and will be able to challenge and discuss any impacts security updates might have. 
  • The Decider. This could be a CTO or product manager. Someone who knows (or can know quickly) what is feasible and what is not from a strategic point of view, as well as the impact of the threats to the company.
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