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Strengthen Your device’s Armor with Our Expert Security Workshops


At Witekio, security is not an afterthought; it's woven into the very fabric of our services.

Starting at the product lifecycle's beginning or even if you are already in the market, our experts will seamlessly integrate "Security by Design" principles.

Trust Witekio to secure your IoT devices with unparalleled expertise and dedication.

Our IoT Security Workshops Can Help You :
🔍Identify Vulnerabilities
Identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities in connected devices can be challenging and time consuming. The entire product ecosystem can contain multiple shifting attack paths, which can be increasingly difficult to keep track of without help.
đź”’Protect User Data
User data is a highly sought after commodity by many bad actors. Failure to safeguard sensitive information properly can result in damage customers, as well as to your brand and bottom line.
📲Manage Patches
Identifying vulnerabilities is only the first step in a robust security system. The ability to distribute patches and updates in a timely and reliable manner is a crucial part of IoT security which needs to be worked into the product from the ground up.

How Do Witekio’s Security Workshops Work?

At Witekio, we believe in collaboration for the best outcomes. Our Security Workshops consist of interactive and engaging sessions where our consultants work closely with your project team.

Starting with a device analysis, we delve into the product’s architecture, examining technical implementations and potential vulnerabilities. Together, we then develop a custom device attack tree and identify strategic development steps to enhance your device’s security.

You leave our Security Workshops with an in-depth vulnerability analysis, a custom device attack tree, as well as detailed plans as to how you can best harden your device security. 


Security by Design Approach

Witekio takes a “secure by design” approach to all projects, providing comprehensive solutions to protect your embedded device against potential vulnerabilities.


With over 20 years of experience making embedded systems and developing IoT products, Witekio draws upon a wealth of knowledge and expertise when providing our consulting services.


Our collaborative approach ensures that we align our consultancy services with your objectives, delivering tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Smart Building Solutions
Project needs
Security Workshops, Security Implementation, MCU Updates, OTA Updates
Security Consulting in Action

Adeunis were looking for support in hardening their Building Management System, a wireless security and energy monitoring solution for smart buildings.

With our IoT expertise and security by design approach, we make the ideal partners for this project and were able to provide complete security solutions, from workshop to deployment.

  • Security and cryptography layer design and integration
  • Complete software system design and integration
  • Secure OTA update architecture
  • Design of a radio protocol

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