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At Witekio, we don't just write excellent code. We fully invest in your project's success and growth.

Our partnership extends beyond development, encompassing strategy, scalability, and adaptability.

With a global network of experts and access to cutting-edge technologies, we're here to future-proof your embedded devices, empowering them to excel in today's dynamic landscape.

Our services can help you with:
⚡ Niche Expertise
Developing embedded devices is no mean feat, requiring a combination of hardware and software expertise that is hard to come by, and harder to maintain. If you lack the in-house skills to design and integrate both aspects effectively, your project could end up going sideways.
🤝 Compatibility
The best devices need the best hardware, but the nuances of each component as well as the shifting supply chains can be hard to understand. Incompatibilities or miscommunication between these two aspects can lead to malfunctions, performance issues, or delays.
🛡️ Security
Security is a key concern for any connected project. Embedded devices often operate in critical environments or handle sensitive data. However, ensuring reliability, security, and resilience against cyber threats is as essential as it is complex.

What We Do

We offer full-stack embedded software development services. This means we can bring our skills and experience to support your project from concept and architecture all the way to long-term maintenance and updates.

From custom BSPs to OS Migration, our team of engineers has the skillset and experience to deliver software for your project no matter your use case or industry.

Best of all, you are getting a full team of experts, not just one skill. When you choose us, we bring the right people to the table and adapt to your embedded system needs.

MPU Software Development

Programming, optimization, and firmware for Microprocessor Units.

MCU Software Development

Custom development of software applications and firmware for Microcontroller Units

Linux Software Development

Harness the power of Linux-based operating systems for your device.

Yocto Software Development

Custom Linux-based embedded systems made easy. We’re Yocto experts.

Firmware Development

Smooth interactions between hardware and software components.

OS Migration

Modernize your existing OS without disrupting critical operations. 

BSP Development

Custom BSP Development made easy. 

Driver Development

Our low-level development takes your device to new heights. 

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Software Experts With a Hardware Mindset

With Witekio, you’re not just getting software experts – you’re partnering with a team that are hardware enthusiasts. Our unique blend of software prowess and a hardware mindset ensures that your embedded device is not only functionally exceptional but also harmoniously optimized from the low levels to the cloud.

Our strategic alliance with a vast network of suppliers, experts, and resources means we’re equipped to deliver the utmost excellence for every embedded device we work on. As an Avnet company, we can help make sure you get the best hardware to go with your custom embedded software.

Witekio provided Veriskin with a talented, experienced, and attentive team focused on execution and meeting the company deadlines.

The Witekio team was professional, engaged, and made us feel as if we were all one company.

Nelson Quintana
Vice President of Engineering
We needed a software partner with proven home appliance results to help us launch our next generation of connected coffee machines. With Witekio's help, the latest Xelsis model ensures our customers can enjoy new features and a premium home coffee experience for years to come.
Nicolas Veauville
General Manager and Head of Products - Espresso
The team fully met our needs and urgent requirements, as well as effectively controlled the budget and project activities. We've been working with Witekio for two years. The quality of the deliverables gets better every time.
Claude Pettanito
Head of Software Development


Extensive Experience

Witekio is a trusted partner with over 20 years of expertise in embedded software and system architecture. We produce dependable and creative solutions because we have a thorough awareness of industry best practices and developing technology.

Customization is Key

We excel in driver creation by thoroughly analyzing each client’s specific requirements, allowing us to produce customized solutions that exactly meet their device’s demands, resulting in highly optimized, dependable, and efficient drivers.

Secure By Design

We incorporate security measures into the system architecture process at every level, detecting potential weaknesses and implementing effective security techniques. Our experience in “security by design” guarantees that your embedded device is secured against attacks, sensitive data is safeguarded, and industry requirements are met.

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