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It’s a fact: Embedded security issues abound, and as a result, software and system security are essential elements to consider in every embedded software project.  

Without adequate attention paid to security issues, your embedded devices risk falling victim to bad actors, data leaks, a collapse in end-user confidence and trust, and potentially irreparable impacts on your reputation. Over the years, many vendors rose and quickly fall, casualties of a focus on functionality and a fast go-to-market instead of a focus on securing data and connectivity vectors. 

Witekio’s Embedded software security expertise is unparalleled

With more than 20 years of experience in embedded systems security, IoT device security, and embedded software development, Embedded device security is an essential element of Witekio’s approach to IoT and connected device software development.

Witekio’s customers rely on our expertise to design and deliver regular firmware updates, limit attack vectors and surfaces for the embedded systems to a need-to-use basis, and offer a means for administrators to monitor connections to their embedded systems. With deep expertise in low-level software development, our engineers know how to design, develop, and deliver secure embedded systems.  

Embedded systems security is not an optional extras – it's a must have!

Embedded Security applied to your Market needs

Along the Embedded security development journey, Witekio and its partners guide your Embedded systems project to implement and validate the appropriate security measures to strengthen your organization.

Embedded secure boot, Disk encryption, Trust Zone, Attack surfaces, and end-to-end security are just a few of the areas the Witekio team has expertise in Embedded Security.

Security for your Embedded system is essential, and at Witekio, it’s a focus in every project from Day One.

Whether UX design teams design interfaces that are secure by nature, Witekio’s embedded software development team takes security as a priority at every stage of development, security is at the top of the list among engineers and project managers alike.

Trust Witekio to consult with your team to make the right security choices before development begins and to maintain security once you launch your device. We have experience in developing embedded security, device security, and IoT network security solutions that ensure customer projects continue to function and meet service quality obligations in the face of expanding threats. With hundreds of projects completed every year and security a fundamental priority in each one, our teams consistently deliver.

Embedded Secure boot

The need to prioritize security in embedded systems has never been more urgent and the secure boot of every embedded system is a key part of any security strategy.

Embedded secure boot is necessary to:

  • protect your investment
  • protect your brand
  • protect your network

Witekio has developed deep expertise in securing embedded systems.

Embedded Software Services

We are a one-stop IoT and embedded software developmentdesignsecure, and delivery shop that easily pivots between individual device development projects and industrial-scale IoT networks spanning countries or even continents. We serve clients in every industrial vertical whether small or large, OEM or device owner, and we offer both IoT app development and mobile app development expertise.