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Why Embedded Security is Essential

Embedded security issues are becoming more complex, and as a result, the time and resources you spend on software and system security will rise in each embedded software project. Without adequate attention to security issues, your embedded devices risk falling victim to bad actors, data leaks, a collapse in end-user confidence and trust, and potentially irreparable impacts on your reputation.

Over the years we’ve seen first-hand vender casualties due to a focus on functionality and a fast go-to-market, instead of a focus on securing data and connectivity vectors. This is why we’ve created a host of Embedded Systems Security Services to keep your project on track AND secure.

Why Witekio?

We’re certified

Witekio’s embedded software development team takes security as a priority at every stage of development.

Security is at the top of the list among engineers and project managers alike.

We’re experienced 

We can consult with your team to make the right security choices before development begins.

We have experience in developing embedded security, device security, and IoT network security.

We’re trusted

With hundreds of projects completed every year (and security a fundamental priority in each one), our teams consistently deliver.

Meaning we’re trusted by some of the biggest names in tech over and over again.

Embedded systems security is not an optional extra – it's a must have!

Our Embedded Software Services

IoT Device Security Workshop

Discover your vulnerabilities with our IoT Device Security Workshop. Designed by our experts to secure your device from the hardware to the cloud.

IoT Security 

Whether you need help with an existing device in need of a security update or a new connected device that is yet to be released to the market, we can help.

Embedded Secure boot

The secure boot of every embedded system is a key part of any security strategy. An embedded secure boot is necessary to: protect your investment, brand, and network.

Firmware Updates

No matter the processor, OS, connectivity option, or cloud provider, Witekio can design and develop the firmware you need to power your device efficiently, securely, and resiliently.


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A complete, user-friendly remote firmware update system for smart building applications.
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A complete application service from app development to Cloud Connectivity expertise.
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Embedded Security Applied to Your Market Needs


At Witekio, we offer embedded security solutions that are tailored to your market needs.

We understand that different industries have different security requirements and face unique security challenges. For example, the security needs of a medical device manufacturer will differ massively from those of an automotive manufacturer.

Our team of experts can guide your embedded systems project to implement and validate the appropriate security measures to strengthen your organization, no matter what sector.

Our expertise includes embedded secure boot, disk encryption, Trust Zone, attack surfaces, and end-to-end security.

Our Expertise in Embedded Software Security

With more than 20 years of experience in embedded systems security, IoT device security, and embedded software development, embedded device security is an essential element of Witekio’s approach.

Witekio’s customers rely on our expertise to design and deliver regular firmware updates, limit attack vectors and surfaces for the embedded systems to a need-to-use basis, and offer a means for administrators to monitor connections to their embedded systems.

With deep expertise in low-level software development, our engineers know how to design, develop, and deliver secure embedded systems.