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Looking for embedded software development services and don’t know where to start?

If you’re here, you understand that embedded software development is more than just computer software, it’s the skill of bringing hardware to life, and ensuring that hardware achieves its full purpose.

What do you need from an embedded development service provider?

You’re looking for a development company with a combination of both hardware knowledge and software expertise, as no matter your issue, you’ll need tailored code to integrate your fixed hardware requirements and the skillset to understand the limitations of your device’s specifications.

Our capacity to support the entire software development process, combined with our deep knowledge of hardware, and our partnerships with software vendors, means that we are uniquely positioned to help you get to market and achieve scale with speed.

From start to finish, we help you make the right choices to support your vision and create clean and efficient code to extract the most value from your device.

Common issues that we can solve:

  • UX/UI
  • Security
  • Architecture review
  • Boot Time & Power
  • Debug
  • BSP/ Driver Customization
  • OS migration
  • Hardware migration
  • Continuous integration
  • Web, desktop & mobile applications
  • Edge AI
  • Accelerators
  • Secure Boot
  • Communication integrity
  • Firmware update
  • OTA
  • M2M Communication
  • Pairinng
Witekio covers full-stack, edge-to-cloud embedded development services.

Our tech partners

With over 20 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of embedded software services and have strong ties with leading tech players in the industry.

Some are not just our partners, but our customers too. We’re the Experts’ expert.

What we do

We offer complete embedded software, connected software, and embedded product development services.

From low-level software to mobile applications, our team of engineers has the skillset and experience to deliver software for your project no matter your use case or industry.

Best of all, you are getting a full team of experts, not just one skill. When you choose us, we bring the right people to the table and adapt to your needs.

Our most popular services

Low Level Software Layers

Low level software layers are the foundation of your software project. Efficient and effective low-level code offer economies of scale for IoT and smart devices as well as laying strong foundations for reliability, security, energy efficiency, and connectivity.

Each year Witekio teams work on hundreds of low-level software development projects and consistently deliver world-class code upon which to build cutting-edge applications.

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Embedded GUI Development

Embedded GUI development applications help you deliver the experience that your customers want and the device that you need to take to market.

Despite operating mostly in the background, this layer is an essential element in extracting the most from your hardware choices and leveraging the full extent of your software application.

Remember if it doesn’t work the way your end-users expect, they won’t use it.

  • Hardware choices
  • Software and language
  • User experience centric

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Embedded Linux Development

Witekio developers are experts in Linux embedded systems development, Yocto, and buildroot. As a one-stop shop for the development, design, and delivery of Linux systems for IoT and embedded systems, we serve clients in every industrial vertical no matter their size.

The adaptable Linux kernel sits at the heart of many of our hundreds of projects every year, and our end-to-end offering means we can always meet your needs for security, performance, and end-user experience.

  • Develop and secure
  • Linux Kernel Debugging
  • Maintenance

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Witekio success stories

Our International team (based in the UK, France, Germany and US), work on hundreds of devices every year and can help you during any stage of your project.

Often our customers combine our embedded software development service offerings to create a package designed to get them to market on time and level up their project.

A perfect example of this is Veriskin, an American medical startup developing a noninvasive skin cancer screening device.

Witekio provided a complete set of software services to develop their technical solution, including low level software development from Board Support Packages to boot-time improvement. We even helped with the organisation’s graphical user interface application development to ensure the device was user-friendly.

You can see more examples of our expert work in action, below:

A complete application service from app development to Cloud Connectivity expertise.
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Architecture, development, GUI restyling and optimization for CMS industrial use.
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Robust and modular software architecture designed for code-re-use in vending machines.
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How we work

Our tried and tested methodology has been developed over thousands of projects.

We offer full product lifecycle support to ensure your project’s success and enable you to focus on your core business. 

We have experience developing software for a variety of industries, as well as optimizing existing codebases developed by other teams.

Our code testers, application design, development, and project delivery teams all believe that high-quality code is fundamental to ensuring product quality and they take pride in providing this code to our clients.

What is embedded software development?

Embedded software is computer code, written to control machines or devices which is not typically thought of as computers.

Embedded software is a part of all our lives, even if you don’t know it. It’s in every household and every industry, from washing machine commands, up to your smart TV.

So, what is embedded software development? It’s the skill needed to programme these operating procedures for a device.

As embedded software is frequently created from scratch to run only on certain hardware (which can have time and memory restrictions) it is a specialized field that requires in-depth understanding of hardware and computer programming.