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At Witekio we’ve been connecting IoT to the cloud since cloud computing first emerged. We understand that there is no single cloud solution that is right for every project and we add value by sharing our mastery of the data chain, our understanding of cyber security and compliance, and architecting scalable cloud and edge infrastructure.

Whether public or private cloud, fixed in place or mobile and consumer device or enterprise application, we’ve worked with success across all industries to deliver next-generation connectivity prepared to scale.

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Witekio helps You Connect Your IoT devices to the Cloud

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Our teams have connected hundreds of different IoT devices to a variety of cloud infrastructure offers, including market leaders AWS, GCP, and Azure. With tried and tested methodologies and an agile approach that encourages questioning data storage, transmission, and security needs, they help businesses like yours to make the right cloud choices so that their cloud infrastructure delivers for their customers and their business.

Whether a single class of IoT devices or a network of different IoT devices, the cloud offers significant advantages over traditional solutions for data storage, processing, and computing. With help from Witekio you can connect your IoT devices to the cloud to launch faster, scale more quickly, leverage the data that you capture and that your users share, generate a return on your investment and prepare for future innovation without breaking the bank.

The Perfectly Adapted  Solution for Your IoT Success Story

Cloud computing is almost infinitely scalable but it’s also eminently adaptable. Instead of your team investing in servers and other hardware infrastructure, you’ll need to buy, develop, maintain, and eventually replace, investing in cloud connectivity means only paying for what you need when you need it. Grow from zero users to millions as fast as you like and in line with your specific business plan because your cloud will scale and adapt instantly along with you.

Be Where Your Customers Are, Be in the IoT Cloud.

Consumers and enterprise customers are very different but, when it comes to cloud computing, they are entirely aligned. The cloud is where consumers store their documents, images, and interact with their friends and families. The cloud is where enterprise connects, transacts, and secure their data. It’s the place where users retrieve their data, it’s the place from which you push data to your users, and it’s where you store, leverage, and create value from that data. If you want your IoT device to be where your customers are, you need to be in the cloud, too.

Six Ways Witekio Adds Value to Your Cloud Deployment

In addition to the advantages that cloud computing offers in terms of scale and in being close to your customers, there are at least five more advantages that cloud connectivity in IoT can offer to you and your business.

Deploying Processes and Functionality

As the number of devices has grown, end-user expectations for performance and functionality have also grown, and demands on processing power have exploded as a result. Deploying expanded functionality and offering customers additional processing power means an investment in infrastructure, and today, cloud computing is the best, most efficient, and most budget-friendly means to do this. At Witekio we can architect and deploy full cloud solutions, including gateways, on every different cloud platform.

In the Cloud or On the Edge?

Where your data is processed is a significant decision and one with implications for the device you are building and the platform you architect. Our experts help you make the right choices about what processing should be done in the cloud and what can be done on the edge, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. More than the architecture, though, our advice and consulting can help you determine the right data processing policies and to build your platform and connectivity from those policies.

Accessibility and the Opportunity to be Everywhere

Accessibility works in two directions when it comes to the cloud.

First, there is the accessibility factor for your end-users. Your customers can benefit from fast processing speeds and increased ease of data transfer. They can use the device where they like and benefit from the cloud providers that make sure that they are where your customers are.

Second, there is accessibility for your developers. Your development teams can push updates, functionality, and security patches to your devices from wherever they are located in the world. Hire the best wherever they are and leverage their expertise to drive your growth.

The Right Cloud Option for You and Your Device

There are more cloud options than ever, and the cloud computing market is so much bigger than just Amazon’s AWS, Google’s GCP, or Microsoft’s Azure. As well as other large actors, including Oracle and IBM, for example, there is a myriad of smaller and niche public cloud options, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. Add to these public options the capacity to deploy to a private cloud and the choice can be far from simple. Witekio experts can help you make that choice by evaluating your needs, future plans, security and data processing, and protection policies.

Improved Security

Security for your IoT devices is a paramount concern for your business and for your customers, too. Using secure and trusted cloud services with established back-end infrastructure and secure APIs means you are reducing the attack vectors and attack surfaces for your devices. What’s more, should you need to push a security update, cloud connectivity makes that easy and almost instant.

Inter-Device Communication

Cloud connectivity does not just have to be between a device and your cloud infrastructure. You can also connect your devices in a network and enable M2M connectivity between devices in your network. Cloud connectivity enables secure, robust, and resilient communication between devices and your business can benefit from the learning and functionality that this offers end-users and your teams, too.

Thanks to Witekio you can connect your IoT devices to the cloud and take advantage of storage, processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies, and other cloud services that might otherwise demand significant investments of time and capital from your team. We know cloud technology and can help you solve connectivity issues, avoid the traps that condemn other projects, save money and retain peace of mind when deploying to the cloud. With cloud services expanding and standards evolving, an increasing number of cloud providers offer plug-and-play and on-demand services that Witekio can help you connect to your IoT device to improve functionality and end-user satisfaction. Trust the Witekio team to advise you, assist you, and help you anticipate positive and negative impacts as you move into the cloud.

Cloud computing is not a trend – it’s the here and now of computing.

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