IoT Security

Anticipating your IoT device security needs to mitigate the reputational, financial, and physical risks that every IoT business faces are essential. IoT innovators need to demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders that they have analyzed the risks and built an IoT system that meets or exceeds security norms.

As a result, finding the right partner to advise on security, including the new standards coming soon from the US and the EU, is more important than ever, especially as these standards will not only impact operations and maintenance but product development, too.

Securing Devices Edge to Cloud

With more than 20 years of experience in embedded systems security, IoT device security, and software development, Witekio has built a reputation for accompanying innovative IoT device manufacturers and helping them secure their technologies. Security is relative and not every device or use case demands the same level of protection. Whether an existing device with a long-life cycle is in need of a security update or a new, smart or connected device that is yet to be released to the market, Witekio’s team has the knowledge and experience to help you make IoT device security a true competitive advantage.


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Recorded by Ed Langley, Engineering Manager @Witekio LinkedIn

IoT device security and IoT Cybersecurity are not optional extras – they are must haves!

IoT Security applied to your Market needs

Along the IoT journey, Witekio and its partners guide your IoT project to implement and validate the appropriate security measures to strengthen your organization.

Cybersecurity Analysis

Increased connectivity trigger new security challenges for your IoT project and organization. Cybersecurity analysis is the key to identify possible attack vectors, detecting vulnerabilities and weak points at all the stages of the systems life-cycle.

Internet of Trust offers states -of- the-art services, relying on vulnerabilities databases, industry guidelines, and best practices, as well as on findings from the research realm.
Services range from initial diagnostic up to full support along the certification journey.

A RESET WORKSHOP would be the first step into our 3 steps approach to identify and define the appropriate action plan for your company.

Secure by Design


Witekio engineers develop the software system of your IoT solution to be secure, safe, scalable, and adapted to the needs of its users.

Our experts can design, implement and integrate robust and secure software from the cloud to the device.

All of this is orchestrated via our agile methodology to build your solution in a sustainable and fast way to meet your time to market requirements.

A SECURE AND AGILE DEVELOPMENT will be tailored to your context based on the latest standards, norms, and best practices to create the appropriates protection of the entire solution.

Penetration testing


After the analysis and the development comes the verification with the RED team.

Let’s ensure that what was planned stands up to real world threats.

SYNACKTIV white hat hacking ingineers attempt to penetrate and compromise the systems previously secured. They provide specific recommendations and a pragmatic action plan to improve your ability to repel these attacks. Then, the device is ready to be deployed.

PENETRATION TESTING ASSESSMENTS would be performed at the right scope for your IoT projects.

Claire Loiseaux Internet of trustClaire Loiseaux, Ph.D. has 20 years of experience in consulting on certification and cybersecurity as a team leader within ATOS and Thales and as CEO of Trusted Labs and now the Internet of Trust. Her expertise covers connected objects, smart cards, and communication infrastructures. More on activities, partners, and customers on

Marc Balme has more than 10 years in software development and architecture. He has helped companies to create and deploy solutions in highly constrained contexts (safety, security, etc), and he is a big fan of Agile and Lean.

Renaud-Dubourguais-SynacktivRenaud Dubourguais is Director of Operations at Synacktiv and a specialist in offensive security. He coordinates Synacktiv’s centers of excellence for penetration testing and auditing, reverse engineering, and offensive tool development. 

Start with your IoT security evaluation

IoT security is about more than just a few lines of code and updating your software when an attack vector is detected. It demands a whole-of-organization commitment to device security, adopting industry best practices for secure software and hardware, regularly testing your device defenses for weaknesses that might be exploited by bad actors, and much more. Want to know where you and your business stand? Download our IoT Security Evaluation and see where you’re flying high, where you can improve, and how to get there.

Download your IoT security – self Assessment checklist

IoT security solutions for your IoT device are essential and, at Witekio, it’s a focus in every IoT project from Day One.

Whether UX design teams designing interfaces that are secure by nature, Witekio’s software factory where security is a priority at every stage of development, or in the software workshops that Witekio engineers host to educate and upskill the embedded and IoT industry, security is a consistent refrain among engineers and project managers alike.

Witekio’s three-step approach to security begins with security by design, continues with system security, and then is put to the test with penetration testing that searches for gaps and missteps to assure clients that the IoT device they take to market meets their standards for security risk.


Webinar Replay

Witekio, internet of Trust & Synacktiv presents how they can help OEMs & Smart Device manufacturers design an appropriate Security Strategy.

> What is the risk if you don’t consider implementing security into your IoT system
> Key elements to avoid mistakes
> Audit: dos and don’ts
> Security by Design on your products: dos and don’ts
> Penetration testing
> Cost & time baseline on 2 different cases

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Securing your IoT device

There are three kinds of risks that every IoT device security professional needs to be concerned about:

Financial Risk. There is a risk that you could face significant costs – direct and indirect – from a bad actor exploiting an insecure system. There’s a real risk of financial loss should your IoT device security come under attack.
Physical Risk. IoT devices today control gates, doors, and the physical security of thousands of workers. Should your IoT device security be compromised, the physical and personal security of individuals might be at risk.
Reputational Risk. The public disclosure of any IoT device security breach is bound to impact your professional and corporate reputation. It’s sometimes difficult to quantify but the impact of a breach on a company’s reputation is real, and it can be expensive.

Software Development

Witekio’s software development service is core to the company and key to delivering value for our customers. Our teams are skilled at all types of software development for smart, connected, and handheld devices, industrial IoT devices, embedded security devices, and all types of cloud-connected products. Dozens of customers that return time and again to Witekio for their software development needs are a testament to the quality of the work we do and the cutting-edge software that we write. From start to finish, we help you make the right choices to support your vision, and we write clean and efficient code to extract the most value from your device.