There comes a time in many embedded or IoT projects where it is necessary or useful to migrate from one OS to another. Whether a long-time OS is moving closer to its planned end-of-support point, your strategy dictates a migration to a new OS to help power new functionality, or where your OS is aging and support for the operating system from the OS developer is being or will be withdrawn, and OS migration is as complex to manage as it is important to execute smoothly.

No matter whether you are migrating from one OS to another, migrating your existing OS to new hardware, migrating from embedded C to C++, or migrating from one hardware configuration to another, Witekio has nearly two decades of low-level Linux, Android, and WEC experience, the expertise to manage your transition and to ensure it is executed successfully.

Across the lifetime of a device, there will also likely be a need to migrate hardware platforms, too. Limitations to functionality or performance and demands from end-users often combine in a push for new hardware, perhaps with a software update, too.

In need of an OS migration expert?

Witekio are your experts for OS migration management

Managing migrations from one OS to another is a core competency at Witekio. Our engineers are skilled at managing the migration without affecting core functionality or impacting the user experience.

We have helped clients migrate from Windows Embedded Compact/WEC/Windows CE to Linux, to and from Android, and from a soon-to-be unsupported OS to a new version of that same OS. Our knowledge coupled with the experience gathered from having executed migrations between different OS over the last two decades makes Witekio your first choice for your software migration project.

Migrating Your OS to New Hardware

Upgrading your hardware doesn’t always mean also making significant software changes but it will demand migrating your existing OS and code to your new hardware device. Our teams are skilled at managing the transition from one board to another and they understand the impact of different processors and controllers on the execution of your code. Trust us to help you navigate the challenges of a hardware transition.

Migrating from Embedded C to C++

The migration from an assembly language like C to an object-oriented language like C++ is complex and demands significant rewriting of your software code. More than a coding challenge, though, these migrations push teams to maintain existing functionality while also taking advantage of the opportunities that object-orientated languages offer over C. Our teams have a long record of success in managing these migrations and can help you to level up your embedded software game.

We have the experience to manage and execute your migrations

Over the last two decades, Witekio has established a reputation for the planning and execution of migrations, whether from one OS to another, from one hardware device to another, or from an assembly language to an object-orientated language. While every OS migration is different, there are some elements that all migrations share and some steps that our teams will always take.

At the beginning of your migration project, our teams will always frame your project, build a project roadmap, and help you set deadlines so that key stakeholders understand what will be delivered when it will be delivered, and when the final migration can be expected to be complete.

We’ll work with your teams to create a complete inventory of the asset including all of the actions, functions, database interfaces, compatibilities, and configurations. This is essential to ensure that the migrated software delivers the same experience and functionality that the existing software does for your end-users.

Throughout the project, our teams will identify the varying levels of risk that each migration option and choice entails, and advise you on which offers you the best option for delivering the device and level of service that you and your customers demand.

Each step of the migration will be fully documented so that, at any point, your team and other stakeholders can be briefed on the current phase of the migration, migration milestones, and the most important next steps.

Throughout the migration process, our teams rigorously test and re-test your software to ensure that it runs smoothly and as expected on the new OS or hardware. Nothing is taken for granted, and our automated testing procedures make this not only simple but fast.

Finally, when the migration is complete, we record the results, compare the end product with the original plan and goalposts, and deliver a final report on the migration to you and your team who are now ready to exploit the new operating system in production.

It’s the combination of our skill and expertise that guarantees we can deliver the OS migration you need quickly and smoothly. As experts in embedded systems and embedded software, and with broad experience in all operating systems, our teams understand the key steps in your migration and how to ensure that the challenges you’ll face can be successfully resolved.

You can trust Witekio to guide you through your OS migration, your embedded C to C++ migration, or the migration of your existing software system to new hardware. A long experience advising on and managing migrations helps us to execute your migration smoothly and minimize downtime. We understand migration challenges, test and re-test code to probe for migration-related issues, and help you to negotiate the technical and support-related impacts that arrive on End of Support End of Extended Support, and End of License dates. When it’s time to migrate, let our teams guide yours.

End to End Security: Witekio’s Security by Design

At Witekio, security is not an ‘added extra’ that developers add to your project after they are done writing your code, or only if you choose to invest in securing your IoT device. Instead, our End-to-End Security vision, as the name suggests, is a start-to-finish approach to security design, development, and deployment.

Over nearly two decades we’ve learned how to secure all sorts of IoT devices deployed in consumer or enterprise use cases. Whether it is the data being transferred to and from the device, the architecture of the platforms your devices correspond with or reducing the attack vectors and surfaces available to bad actors, our teams know how to deliver standalone or networked devices that are robust and resilient to attacks.

Embedded Application: Trust Witekio to Deliver

Witekio works on hundreds of smart, connected, and IoT device projects each year, and many of these draw on our expertise in embedded application development. We work in a variety of industries helping everyone from connected medical device vendors to smart consumer device retailers to design, develop, and deliver their embedded software projects. We help them leverage all of the capabilities of their hardware boards and make their code run faster and more efficiently on top of our embedded applications. It’s part of the reason that clients return to Witekio time and again.