System Design

An embedded software or IoT solution project doesn’t come together on the back of an idea and some development grit. Instead, when you need a device that is stable, updateable, scalable you will demand expertise in system design and system architecture, a strong IoT development framework, and an experienced team delivering custom software development services that refuse to compromise on quality.

A global system vision for better innovation

At Witekio we’ve been designing, developing, and delivering custom embedded software for the industry for as long as it has existed. From consulting services to architecture, IoT solutions, embedded software development to application and GUI builds, our teams offer a complete and customized software development service for clients across all IoT domains and all industries.

We help you to attain the software goals you’ve set and prepare you for the scale you seek. Starting with the right system design is the best way to ensure your launch and your scaling go right.

Need help to choose the best design system?

Witekio is Your First Choice for a Global Software System Vision

Your demands are clear: you want the best system design on the most appropriate hardware running the most efficient code, and all with the capacity to scale.

Witekio has developed market-leading expertise in custom software development services and system design over the course of nearly two decades. Our experience in the IoT sector is extensive and we work on hundreds of projects each year for clients who share our commitment to quality and best-practice software development.

IoT Protocols

Our engineers understand the protocols of the IoT sector and how to exploit each in order to deliver value to you and functionality to your end-users. These include IoT Data Link protocols (IEEE 802.15.4e, IEEE 802.11 ah, WirelessHART, Z-Wave, Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee Smart Energy, and more), network layers, encapsulation protocols, session layer protocols (MQTT, SMQTT, AMQP, CoAP, XMPP, DDS), security and management protocols, too.


Embedded and IoT Software Development Process

Our teams work with you to deliver the best embedded and IoT device for your launch along with the knowledge that – on day one – you will be ready to scale. From early consulting on device and hardware choices, through low-level software development, middleware, and application development, and working with you on your GUI, our teams are skilled in helping clients like you build better, more efficient, and more secure IoT devices.

IoT and Embedded Software Design and Development

There are three main components in Witekio’s software systems design approach.

Architecture and Design

Our consultants and engineering teams follow a series of defined steps to help you in your launch and then as you scale founded on our human-centric approach.

We take the time to understand the features that you want and need, the constraints of your hardware, the technology choices you have made, and the product range or family that your device must align with. We dive deep into the use cases for your embedded or IoT device, learn how users will interact with the device, and with your help determine the expectations for the UX that you and your end-users share.

This approach means that we can architect and system to perfectly fit your needs, help you choose the right OS and technologies, identify the security challenges you’ll face and suggest security measures to address them and converge on a final device design that aligns with your demands, constraints, and needs.

Software Platform & Code Re-use

Establishing the foundations for a software platform instead of only providing a simple, one-off device offers you the opportunity to scale quicker following market launch and successful adoption by end-users. Re-using code is a key component of this platforming, and our approach offers seven core advantages to businesses like yours.

There are, of course, economies of scale from a common codebase that lifts the burden on your support teams and helps you to grow your reach. There is a reduced time to market for new products as the code base is already running and secure, and there is a far shorter period of software design, development, and testing to pass through.

You can expect common feature improvements and updates for all of the devices that share a codebase and that exist right across your software platform, whilst also avoiding lock-in to single hardware, software, UI, or connectivity solution for your devices.

By investing in a platform and reusing code you are transforming your R&D into a long-term asset and you establish true ownership of the IP. Finally, a common platform offers your team a common code testing framework.

Third-Party Integration

We firmly believe that our engineers are the best in the world, but we also understand that sometimes you might choose to work with other teams for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you’ll rely on us for only a small but crucial part of your project, or perhaps you’ll position us as the linchpin that directs the wider project among all of your suppliers and development shops.

Our engineers are used to working on software platforms of all types, whether starting from scratch or building on code that already exists and was written by others. Our experience in orchestrating projects between multiple stakeholders, contractors, and sub-contractors means we can balance the demands of all parties while maintaining a role as a single point of contact for you, the client. No matter the context, our experience working with and elevating your investments in third-party development help make things easy for you

Cutting-edge architecture and software system design, platform development, code reuse, and third-party integrations are the most important parts of our systems design offer, but they are only part of what makes Witekio unique. Our total dedication to our clients coupled with our extensive expertise and partnerships with hardware and software vendors means we are perfectly positioned to execute your IoT software project, no matter your industry, demands, or constraints.

Our experience in software systems design means you can have confidence in your IoT project from the moment it is first conceived through its development, launch, and scale. Our engineers and their deep knowledge of IoT protocols, design, architecture, and platforming mean that you are in safe hands when committing to work with Witekio. With hundreds of projects completed each year and a track record stretching back to the earliest days of the internet of things, we offer unparalleled software services for the most complex embedded projects.