Embedded System Consulting

Access unparalleled expertise with Witekio’s embedded system consulting 🧠

Collaborate with Witekio to maximize efficiency, mitigate risks, and take your IoT device to the next level.


Whether you need help with security, hardware, or full system architecture, Witekio's Embedded Systems Consulting provides you with the best foundation to build on.

Our workshops tackle short to long-term goals, resource constraints, and scaling predictions to ensure that your project is a success from initial design to market maturity.

We don’t just give you a sales pitch or try to lock you in to a contract, we make sure to learn everything we can about your project so that you walk away with a roadmap to success that anyone can follow.

Witekio's Embedded System Consulting helps you overcome:
🤔Limited Internal Expertise
If you lack the necessary in-house expertise and experience in areas such as system architecture, hardware selection, and IoT security, it's hard to tackle complex embedded choices effectively.
🕧Time Constraints
If you're facing tight project timelines and deadlines, you have limited time to invest in extensive research, analysis, and development of optimal solutions for embedded systems.
❗Future Risks
Engaging an experienced consultancy will help mitigate risks associated with system failures, compatibility issues, security vulnerabilities, and regulatory compliance.


Embedded System Architecture
Partner with Witekio for your embedded blueprint.

Hardware Selection
Take advantage of our experience to select the optimal hardware.

Security Workshop
Discover and defend against all vulnerabilities.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Embedded Device
Take the Next Step With Witekio's Embedded System Consulting
We approached Witekio having limited prior experience with embedded Linux or Qt, and came away not only with a viable proof-of-concept but also with a solid foundation for continued product development on this and other projects.”
Travis Rothlisberger
Director of Device Development
Cerevast Medical
Medical Equipment Manufacturing
In IoT, it is relatively easy to make a prototype. However, industrializing, running hundreds of devices and operating 24/7 is another story. Witekio helped us to set up out IoT cloud, and create a reliable product with battery swapping stations. Thanks for helping us overcome our hurdles and grow!
Jeremy Henry
Head of Digital Product
Electric Scooter Subscription Service
The team was totally focused on the business value. Witekio has been a great technological guide into this IoT world that was new to us and helped us to design and build a scalable and reliable architecture.
Antoine Roy
Digital Industrial Manager for GBU Materials
Chemical Manufacturing


Extensive Experience

With over 20 years of experience making embedded systems and developing IoT products, Witekio draws upon a wealth of knowledge and expertise when providing our consulting services.

User-centric Approach

At Witekio, we place the user at the core of our system design and UX design processes. We pride ourselves in our unwavering commitment to creating intuitive and seamless experiences that prioritize user needs and preferences.

Hardware Mindset

Witekio’s expertise in both hardware and software allows us to provide seamless integration and optimization, ensuring efficient and reliable performance for embedded systems.

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Take your project to the next level with Witekio's embedded system consulting.

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