HMI Development

Human-machine interfaces designed for seamless end-use, time and time again ๐Ÿ•’


Design, Development, Testing & Deployment.


We enable your system, and users, to interact

Witekio's HMI software service takes the pain away from turning complex embedded systems into intuitive, user-friendly tools.

Our HMI experts can custom build software that seamlessly integrates with your hardware, no matter if you're looking for simple dashboards, advanced touchscreens or voice-controlled functionality.

With Our Support You Won't Need to Worry About:
๐Ÿ˜Š Useabilty
Balancing functionality, ease of use, and visual appeal is a complex maze that requires specialized expertise. Our extensive UX experience can help ensure natural user interactions that won't leave your end-user feeling frustrated.
๐Ÿค Integration
Integrating HMI software with your underlying system, as well as your chosen hardware, isn't a walk in the park! You need a team who understands how each component will interact, including sensors, controllers, databases and more.
๐Ÿฆ‚ Reliability
Don't get stung with an interface that isn't reliable, and therefore won't be used. Our HMI development software is custom built for your needs and tested over and over until we're sure you've got the best results that stand the test of time.

Our HMI Development Services

Whatever the complexity of your interface, we can create customized and intuitive HMIs that perfectly align with your functionality needs and end-user expectations.

We have long-standing partnerships with the biggest HMI development tools, frameworks, and platform companies, including Qt, JavaFX, Flutter, and more.

As an Avnet company, we are in a unique position to offer expert software with a hardware mindset, meaning we will design your interface with your hardware constraints in mind, ensuring seamless integration and long-lasting reliability.

Our services include:

  • HMI Development
  • HMI Integration
  • HMI Testing
  • HMI long-term support


Multi-Industry Experience

Witekio brings extensive experience to HMI development, having worked on diverse projects across industries. This enables us to provide unique insights and tailored solutions that cater to the requirements and challenges of different sectors, ensuring that the HMI aligns with industry-specific standards and best practices.

Security by Design

We integrate robust security measures at every stage of HMI development, ensuring that they are embedded into the very architecture of your device and its components. By prioritizing security from the initial design phase, we deliver HMIs that are hardened against cyber threats, protecting both user data and the overall IoT ecosystem.

User-Centric Design

Witekio excels in user-centric design, ensuring that the developed HMIs prioritize user needs, preferences, and workflows. By leveraging our deep understanding of human-computer interaction and UX/UI principles, we create intuitive and engaging HMIs that facilitate quick adoption and long-term use.

Home Applications
HMI, IoT Connectivity, OTA Updates, Security
Our work in action

Philips needed advanced UI development and connectivity for a new range of Saeco connected coffee machines. The Xelsis models had to go to market in under two years, work seamlessly as a luxury home appliance should, and offer a next-generation experience for users.

What does this mean for tech? Over-the-air updates for evolving features, personalization settings, a lightning-fast touchscreen/UI and more.

  • Taking the home coffee machine market from MCU to MPU. A complete, connected home coffee experience, with an advanced UI and a smartphone look and feel
  • Using a platforming approach to create custom software for four models in the product range, while ensuring they all meet the same standards and optimize development costs
  • Ensuring regionalization for launch - handling different languages and recipe lists, which differ from region to region.
  • Working with Philips' product development methodology to meet the organizations quality standards, user centric approach and allow for improvement during development

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