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Our embedded software services run the gamut from the low level development that we’re famous for through to the mobile applications that delight consumers and drive productivity at some of the world’s largest industrial enterprises. We are a embedded software development company with broad experience developing software for a variety of industries as well as optimizing existing codebases developed by other teams.

Embedded Software Development Services

We maintain a commitment to software development excellence. We have an experienced full stack development team as well as experts in low level, middleware, and embedded software development. Our code testers, application design, development, and project delivery teams all believe that high-quality code is fully documented and has no bugs, and they take pride in providing this code to our clients.

Our capacity to support the entire software development process combined with our deep knowledge of hardware and our partnerships with software vendors means that the code we provide positions you perfectly for a successful launch and for achieving scale with speed.

Designing and developing software is what we do.
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Witekio’s team is a collection of some of the world’s best developers across the entire spectrum of smart, connected, and IoT devices. Among our development specialists are experts in low level work, in middleware, and in application development. All work in unison to deliver the world-class software that Witekio has forged a reputation for building over the last two decades.


Delivering Low Level Applications

Witekio works in a variety of industries helping everyone from heavy duty vehicles to kitchen appliance makers to design, develop, and deliver their embedded software projects. As a custom software development company, we elevate their investments in their hardware and help them to optimize their code to run faster and drawing lower power on top of our embedded applications. Faster, more efficient code optimized for custom hardware combined with decades of experience in BSP development and an OS agnostic approach: just a couple of the reasons that clients return to Witekio time and again.

Web and Mobile Applications

Witekio offers you the opportunity to achieve the web and mobile application you want. We offer start to finish support, from feasibility studies and technical investigations through architecture, development, and deployment. We inspire confidence as we leverage our years of expertise across all mobile platforms whether focused on a specific industrial use case or prepared for widespread consumer adoption and scaling.

A Market-Leading Embedded Software Development Stack and Skillset

Witekio offers its clients and partners the most complete embedded software, connected software, and embedded product development service possible. From low level software through to mobile applications, our team of engineers have the skillset and experience to deliver software for your project no matter your use case or industry.

Full Stack

Working with a Witekio full-stack development team offers numerous advantages for your business including better code, faster prototyping, more cost-effective spending, and fully optimized device systems.

Your project will surely and quickly benefit from the unparalleled experience, domain and industry expertise of our full stack teams, our deep knowledge of trends and of the emerging technologies in your sector, and the ability of the to maintain a perspective on an entire project while never missing any of the details.

Our teams ensure that we can offer a single reference of all software layers and offer a global software system where our vision and teamwork shines through.

Low Level

Low level software layers are the foundation of your software project. Efficient and effective low-level code offer economies of scale for IoT and smart devices as well as laying strong foundations for reliability, security, energy efficiency, and connectivity. Each year Witekio teams work on hundreds of low level software development projects and consistently deliver world-class code upon which to build cutting edge applications.

Embedded GUI

 Embedded applications are what helps you deliver the experience that your customers seek and the device that you always planned to take to market. Though they operate in the background and are largely hidden from your end users, this essential layer of software is an essential element in extracting the most from your hardware choices and leveraging the full extent of your software application.

Web and Mobile Apps 

Our engineers are highly skilled in mobile application development and can design web applications that can deliver value for your customers, data and analytics for you, and drive converts to your business. Witekio teams have extensive expertise across a number of industries and have helped launch hundreds of new devices, tools, and applications, offering experience and perspective on the market that remains unmatched. Whether on a portable device or served on the web from the cloud, you can trust our team to get you to launch and prepare you for scale

From low level software to software applications, embedded software and middleware, targeted code optimization interventions or a full stack development project, Witekio has the software development service to deliver exactly what you need. Your product will get to market faster, more smoothly, on time and on budget thanks to our software development teams, their commitment to excellence, and their ownership of the projects that they take on. You can invest your confidence in Witekio and trust our development teams to deliver.

Witekio’s software development service is core to the company and key to delivering value for our customers. Our teams are skilled at all types of software development for smart, connected, and handheld  devices, industrial IoT development, embedded development, and for all types of cloud-connected products. Dozens of customers that return time and again to Witekio for their software development needs are a testament to the quality of the work we do and the cutting-edge software that we write. From start to finish, we help you make the right choices to support your vision, and we write clean and efficient code to extract the most value from your device.