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With over 20 years of experience in embedded systems, Witekio has unparalleled expertise in matching hardware components to the unique needs of each project.

We evaluate factors like performance, power consumption, physical constraints, and budget to recommend the right chipsets, sensors, and other components to bring your product vision to fruition.

By leveraging Witekio's guidance during the design phase, you can optimize your hardware selections to the best outcomes for you and your end users.

Witekio's Hardware Selection Services Help With:
The landscape of hardware components for embedded devices is diverse, encompassing various vendors, form factors, and interfaces. We help navigate this diverse hardware ecosystem to ensure smooth integration and optimal performance.
💰Cost Optimization
Balancing performance and cost is essential in hardware selection. We take into account factors such as component prices, economies of scale, long-term maintenance costs, and the overall budget constraints of the project.
🚢Supply chain
Hardware selection isn't just about getting the right parts, it's also about getting them at the right time and price. Thanks to our partnership with leading silicon vendors, we can help overcome supply chain challenges for your device.

Software Experts With a Hardware Mindset

Witekio goes beyond just being knowledgeable on hardware specs. Our consultative approach involves first deeply understanding your needs for key parameters like speed, real-time capabilities, power usage profiles, physical size limitations, software ecosystem requirements, and budget.

With your success priorities in mind, our engineers map out the right components for your system – whether it’s an MCU-based wearable or a multicore industrial device. We optimize component selection not just individually but also for how they interact with each other and the software architecture. This prevents performance bottlenecks and integration issues down the line.

How do we know so much about hardware? We’re an Avnet company.


Security By Design

Witekio builds security into your device from the ground up, starting with secure hardware component selection. Our security experts analyze your use case threats and recommend chipsets, memory, interconnects, and peripherals optimized for reliable and secure performance.

Proven Track Record

With 20+ years of architecting embedded systems, Witekio has unmatched hardware and software knowledge to guide your component selection no matter your industry or product demands. We are tech agnostic and make recommendations based on extensive real-world expertise.

Aligning Hardware with Software needs

With software more complex than ever, you must align hardware capabilities with software performance needs. As an embedded software expert we understand both sides of the argument and leverage our partnerships with top hardware vendors to get you where you want to be.

Medical Equipment Manufacturing
Hardware, Connectivity, App Development
Full Hardware Consultancy

Cerevast, a medical technology company, sought to create a new medical product comprising a cart-based device with a Bluetooth peripheral and an ultrasound wearable. They later migrated it to a handheld version. Cerevast needed assistance with technology selection, reliable hardware, and software development for a functional proof of concept for both devices.

  • Witekio provided a complete proof of concept solution for both devices, meeting Cerevast's technical requirements.
  • Our hardware expertise led to the selection of the NXP i.MX 6 processor-based handheld running Linux, providing a reliable and efficient system.
  • We connected Cerevast with Boundary Devices and recommended the i.MX 6 Nitrogen6X platform for the handheld device.
  • Witekio developed a reliable, functional, and Bluetooth-enabled Qt application for the medical device.

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