Harnessing Infineon Traveo T2G MCU for Qt Applications

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Bringing a product to market and unsure of the hardware and software requirements needed for your GUI on MCU? Or perhaps you have a product on an MPU already and are considering switching to MCU?

These are the question we at Witekio, alongside our partners Qt Group and Infineon Technologies sought to answer in our latest webinar. So join us as we explore the cutting-edge capabilities of MCU GUI development and embedded systems optimization.

We even developed and ported a high-functioning medical application from MPU to the Traveo T2G MCU to really put the hardware to the test.

If you didn’t have time to watch the webinar 👉, or just want to catch-up on the highlights, read on 👇

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Infineon’s latest and greatest MCU

In the webinar, Infineon’s Product Marketing Manager, Sankalp Agarwal, showcased the versatility of the new Traveo T2G microcontrollers. These devices are pivotal not only for automotive MCU applications but also extend their robust capabilities to medical and industrial uses.

The highlights are its low power consumption and high performance, advanced security measures and comprehensive peripheral support.

But how can an MCU handle complex graphics?

The Traveo T2G is equipped with a powerful 2D vector graphics engine, making it capable of handling complex animations and user interfaces. This engine supports smooth rendering of UI elements, which is essential for displays, infotainment systems, and more.

Qt: Enabling Advanced UI on Resource-Constrained Devices

Yoann Lopes, Product Manager at Qt, demonstrated how Qt for Microcontrollers (MCUs) empowers developers to craft advanced user interfaces on microcontrollers, which traditionally lack the capabilities to support complex graphics.

This is particularly pivotal for devices where resource constraints are a significant challenge.

Qt for MCUs utilizes Qt Design Studio and Qt Creator to streamline the development process. These tools help in rapidly prototyping and implementing engaging user experiences that were previously challenging on limited hardware.

Witekio’s benchmarks suggest that using Qt for porting applications from MPUs to MCUs can significantly reduce development time, emphasizing efficiency gains in both the short and long term.

Witekio: Optimizing Application Development for Infineon with Qt

To really test the capabilities of the new Infineon MCU range, the Witekio Application team rapidly prototyped and migrated a medical application onto the Traveo T2G MCU using Qt tooling. 👉

Throughout the development process, Witekio focused on optimizing the use of available MCU resources.

This is critical for achieving smooth graphical interfaces and optimal user experience in embedded systems with limited storage and memory.

Remi Roux, Head of Applications at Witekio, explained his team’s methods and insights into managing memory and storage efficiently on the Infineon MCU.

He stressed techniques such as image compression and careful memory type usage (RAM, Flash) were key to optimizing UI performance and ensuring the longevity of the application in the market.

How Witekio Can Help

As a chip-to-cloud software company, Witekio is well-positioned to assist anyone transitioning from more powerful MPUs to efficient MCUs without sacrificing application quality or performance. We offer:

  1. Integration and Optimization Services: Ensuring applications are well-suited to the limited resources of MCUs while maintaining usability and effectiveness.
  2. End-to-End Development: Offering comprehensive development services, from low-level firmware to high-level application interfaces, utilizing tools from partners like Qt.
  3. Long-term maintenance solutions: Developing and securing applications to meet the specific needs of various industries not to just go to market, but to remain in the market for years to come.

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Georgie Ryan Casling - Content Manager
30 April 2024