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Home Appliance Application Development 

User-friendly UI, Connectivity, and Security


We’re revolutionizing home appliances. Beyond physical products, we understand the pivotal role smart applications play in elevating user experiences.

In an era dominated by mobile apps, progressive web apps (PWAs), and cloud connectivity, our focus is on creating and then seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with your appliances to keep your users coming back again and again.

Next-Gen Development
From Architecture to UX

Philips needed a software partner to help them develop their first range of “living” coffee machines.

The Xelsis model had to go to market in under two years and offer a fresh, luxury experience for users.

Our team got to work creating custom code for everything from low layers to advanced HMI, managing the database, languages, and cloud connectivity.

Regionalization was also built into the design of each model, facilitating a global launch and smooth adaptation to diverse markets.

We’re here to perfect your device

From the ground up, Witekio can help ensure your home appliance has the right architecture, user experience, user interface, and connectivity in place to keep your end-users engaged and active.

We’ve helped hundreds of device makers with:

  • UX consulting
  • Device security
  • Connectivity solutions
  • Integration, migration & more
Ready to build user-friendly applications?

Not sure if you should Outsource or In-house?

In our whitepaper, we explore the question on everyone’s lips: Outsourcing or In-House for your embedded device development?

We deep dive into 20 years of industry insights and OEM pain points to assess the pros, cons, and costs of outsourcing vs in-house team growth, as well as offer a handy guide to running successful IoT projects and a project ROI calculator.

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Ongoing Software Support

Application software support and maintenance are essential for home appliance makers as they guarantee your product will remain in the market for as long as possible, helping bring more sales and better ROI on development costs,

Not only do applications need to evolve to user needs and feedback, but staying compliant with regulatory requirements means embracing regular updates, especially if your device is based on an open-source OS.

Luckily Witekio can help with long-term software support. 



Thanks to our work with and for leading vendors and manufacturers, we can provide cutting-edge software solutions from a tool-agnostic standpoint. Our partnerships include Linux, QT, Flutter, and beyond.


At Witekio, security isn’t an afterthought, it’s at every stage of development. Our team works with a ‘secure by design’ approach to ensure your project is designed with current and future vulnerabilities in mind.


Need low-level development, application design, or connectivity? We can help. Our combination of software expertise, solutions, and seamless UX design, results in intuitive, secure, and reliable apps.

We're here to take your device to the next level.

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