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UX, UI, Connectivity, Security, and Reliability


Whether you need accurate voice controls in a loud environment, complex dashboards, or seamless UI for your touchscreens, Witekio is your industrial applications copilot.

We're here to guide you through the challenges of ensuring real-time data management, connectivity, and scalability of your project, all while prioritizing intuitive user experiences to ensure adoption and boost your productivity.

Finding the right solutions
Our Consultancy First Approach

W. H. Leary, a leading packaging manufacturer, needed to migrate their OS and Kernel due to an end-of-life CPU and OS.

The Monet platform – the company's world-class HMI system - is a vital part of the offering, so extra care was needed to ensure ease of use and system longevity.

From concept to completion, Witekio worked as part of the W. H. Leary team, offering project architecture consultation, development, application design, and more.

"From our first consulting workshop to our end-of-project results, the Witekio team showed in-depth knowledge and insight into our needs and the embedded ecosystem." Daniel McCarty, Director of Engineering, W. H. Leary.

Collaboration is key

No two industrial environments are identical, and we understand this better than anyone.

Our applications are always tailor-made to meet your unique needs.

If you’re looking for web, native, Human-Machine Interface (HMI) applications, or cloud-based solutions, we are committed to transforming your industrial processes, as we have for:

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Industrial Application Must Haves

We’ve gathered our twenty years of industry knowledge to highlight the critical pain points you’ll need to address for seamless industrial applications.

From real-time performance to IoT integration and security, explore the unique challenges of modern factories.

Click here to see our top 6 today and start your path to optimized, efficient, and secure factory applications.

App lifecycle management

Witekio offers end-to-end support for your entire app lifecycle. We believe software maintenance is key to ensuring project longevity, especially if you have an application built on top of an open-source OS.

From updating your distro, scanning for CVEs, enabling OTA updates, and more, our Long-Term Maintenance services can give you automation peace of mind, and ensure your machinery runs without fail.



Thanks to our work with and for leading vendors and manufacturers, we can provide cutting-edge software solutions from a tool-agnostic standpoint. Our partnerships include Linux, QT, Flutter, and beyond.


At Witekio, security isn’t an afterthought, it’s at every stage of development. Our team works with a ‘secure by design’ approach to ensure your project is designed with current and future vulnerabilities in mind.


Need low-level development, application design, or connectivity? We can help. Our combination of software expertise, solutions, and seamless UX design, results in intuitive, secure, and reliable apps.

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