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Your experts in Middleware, GUI, HMI, and UX/UI development.


With expertise across the full IoT software stack, Witekio's tailored solutions enable smooth operation and transform how customers interact with your devices.

Our expertise in Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs), Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), and User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) can take you from blueprint to market and beyond.

We deliver secure, scalable and sustainable embedded applications that solve real-world problems so whatever your middleware development needs, Witekio can help.

Our IoT App Development Services Will Help You With:
😖 User Experience
Ensuring straightforward and intuitive device app operability can be challenging. A complex or unintuitive user interface can turn away repeat customers and damage your brand.
💻 Skillset gaps
A modern IoT device will need a variety of software skillsets. Hiring, training, and managing a software team is no simple task, and can cause project bottlenecks without the right experience.
💯 Reliability
Predictable and reliable functionality is crucial for connected devices. Even the slightest of delays or inaccuracies can affect user outcome, as well as your bottom line.


Middleware Solutions
All your middleware needs in one place.

GUI Development
Reliable and engaging OS-based interfaces.

HMI Development
Enable machine to human functionality.

UX/UI Development
User-centric and intuitive app design.

Elevate Your IoT Device Application
Custom IoT development services with Witekio

Empowering Your Vendor and Technology Selection

Your project deserves the best tools and connectivity solutions to thrive. Whether you already have preferred third-party options in mind or seek our expertise in finding the perfect fit, we can help.

With a proven track record in embedded software development and extensive industry relationships with leading vendors, we are perfectly positioned to deliver cutting-edge solutions that align with your goals.

From our first consulting workshop to our end-of-project results, the Witekio showed in-depth knowledge and insight into our needs and the embedded ecosystem.

We would recommend the team to any company looking for an embedded solution and foolproof plan to get there.

Daniel McCarty
Director of Engineering
We needed a software partner with proven home appliance results to help us launch our next-generation of connected coffee machines. With Witekioʼs help, the latest Xelsis model ensure's our customers can enjoy new features and a premium home coffee experience for years to come.


Secure by design

At Witekio, we prioritize security by design, integrating robust security measures into every stage of IoT device application development. We adhere to ISO standards, ensuring that your applications meet the highest security requirements and mitigate potential vulnerabilities, safeguarding sensitive data, and ensuring compliance.

Hardware Expertise

Witekio stands out with our unique combination of software expertise and a hardware mindset. Our team understands the intricacies of both software and hardware components, enabling us to deliver optimized IoT device applications that seamlessly integrate with diverse hardware sensors, screens, and devices.

Proven Track Record

With a strong track record of successful IoT projects, we know we deliver exceptional results. Our extensive experience in IoT device application development, combined with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, makes us a trusted partner for anyone seeking reliable, innovative, and scalable solutions.

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