IoT Device Security

Shield Your IoT Devices from Rising Cybersecurity Threats🛡️

Witekio strengthens your IoT devices’ defenses through our end-to-end security solutions 


Thanks to our work on hundreds of projects, across a host of industries, we've earned a concrete reputation for helping protect your technology.

With more than 20 years of experience in IoT device security, embedded systems security, and software development, we know that every connected product comes with unique risks and vulnerabilities. We're experts at finding and fixing those vulnerabilities.

Whether you need help with an existing device in need of a security update or a new, smart or connected device yet to be released, Witekio’s team has the knowledge and experience to help you make IoT device security a true competitive advantage.

Witekio's IoT security solutions can support you with:
⚔️ Cybersecurity Threats
As the connected world grows in size, so do the number of vulnerabilities. The escalating frequency and complexity of cyberattacks pose a significant threat to IoT devices, requiring proactive security measures to safeguard sensitive data and device functionality.
❓ Skill Gaps
Developing a secure, reliable IoT device requires a very particular set of skills. Many teams lack the specialized cybersecurity expertise needed to design and implement robust security measures, leaving their devices vulnerable to exploitation.
🔒 Peace of mind
We want to protect your product for the short term AND long term, so that you can stay in the market, or keep it in use, for as long as you need. Our maintenance and CVE services enable us to keep an eye on your product, so you have security peace of mind.

How Does it work?

Our experts can design, implement, and integrate, robust and secure software from the cloud to the device. Our process covers every aspect of device protection and we take a “security by design” approach to all projects, giving us a 360° view of your IoT security challenges.

Our experts design your IoT solution with security as a core principle, ensuring protection at every development stage. Depending on your needs, we can even create a tailored software action plan by identifying vulnerabilities from the very start.

Ideally, we’d love to implement security across the entire development of your product, however, if you’re further along your roadmap and looking for a partner to only help with security software development, our services include:

  • Device Hardening
  • CVE Patching
  • Risk Analysis
  • Secure Software Architecture
  • Security Workshops



With 20+ years of experience in IoT security, we have a deep understanding of the pain points for anyone bringing a connected product and application to life. 20+ years bring us not only knowledge but strong partnerships with some of the leading connectivity and security tool providers in the ecosystem.


Our team is made up of highly skilled software architects, engineers, UX/UI designers, security experts, and IoT specialists who are dedicated to delivering results. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and are 100% agnostic in our choice of tools and technologies to ensure the success and security of your IoT project.


We’re ISO 27001 certified – meaning everything we do is designed to meet this industry standard. Our tried and trusted project methodology also means that you have a dedicated account manager and direct access to the development team, so you can follow production and ensure everything is on track.

Medical Device Manufacturer
Development needs
Security Hardening, Bluetooth Connectivity,
IoT Device Security in Action

Firstkind Ltd already had a successful medical device in the market, but they wanted to launch a new product range to address different users needs. This new device would be designed to help elite athletes, using the sport variant of the medical device, to benefit from device reuse.

To achieve this, Firstkind Ltd aimed to adapt their existing device model and add Bluetooth connectivity so that it could be used in parallel with an application.

But with any connectivity comes security and optimization requirements.

On top of development, Firstkind wanted to create a clear software and security roadmap for future releases.

The team selected Witekio to help deliver:

  • A full Proof of Concept from hardware advice to software protocols
  • Security for the device connectivity
  • Custom software to enable Bluetooth Low Energy
  • User Interface mapping and development

Safeguard your IoT devices against evolving risks.

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