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With Witekio, integrating over-the-air (OTA) updates for your devices becomes a breeze.

Enabling an OTA Update service on your product will help make the software update process seamless, therefore minimizing service interruptions and maximizing end-user satisfaction.

However, integrating that OTA tool, or even custom building one, that works with your hardware can be a painstaking process.

We're embedded experts and have enabled OTA solutions for hundreds of products in the market. Therefore, you can trust our robust, reliable, and secure device update solutions.

OTA updates can open new avenues for access and potential vulnerabilities. Witekio's "secure by design" approach ensures your devices receive updates with top-notch protection against potential threats and data breaches.
As your device ecosystem grows, scalability becomes crucial. Witekio's OTA solutions are designed to scale seamlessly, accommodating your expanding network of devices without hassle.
Disruptions caused by OTA updates can frustrate users. We work with your systems to help ensure your devices experience minimal downtime, keeping services running uninterrupted.

Choosing the Best Tool for Your OTA Updates

If you have a connected device or product on the market, it’s often regulated that you must be able to remotely control, monitor, and update your firmware to avoid security, optimization, and bricking concerns.

Firmware management solutions (also known as OTA or Over the Air updates) were created to simplify the deployment of critical updates to your devices.

At Witekio, we are tool-agnostic, allowing us to select the best tool for your OTA updates based on your unique needs. Whether it’s Mender, SWUpdate, or any other framework, rest assured that we tailor the solution to fit seamlessly into your device ecosystem, ensuring efficient and reliable OTA updates every time.

Thanks to our embedded software expertise and hardware mindset (Witekio is an Avnet company) we’re in a unique position to enable flawless OTA tool integration.



Our “secure by design” methodology ensures that OTA updates are delivered with the utmost security, protecting your devices and user data.


With over 20 years of experience making embedded systems and developing IoT products, Witekio draws upon a wealth of knowledge and expertise when providing our services.


At Witekio, we work closely with you, actively listening to your goals, challenges, and vision. Our collaborative approach ensures that we deliver tailored OTA solutions that meet your specific needs.

Building Management Systems
Software system design and integration service from firmware update architecture for dual MCU to integration and more.
Our firmware update work in action

A complete, user-friendly remote firmware update system for smart building application.

One of the key requirements for this project was to propose, develop, and integrate a complete reliable firmware update system. The aim of the development and integration of the system update for Adeunis’ STM32 based sensors is to allow remote update of all the sensors. Since the Adeunis sensors are using batteries that are not replaceable by the final user, the firmware update developed by Witekio had to respect a mandatory requirement of power management.

The Witekio engineering team investigated different update strategies and tested them against Adeunis’ constraints before making the final choice.

  • Among the strategies compared by the team were a mesh network viral update strategy and a multi-hop strategy that allows maintenance technician to check update deployments live.
  • Developing the overall energy saving firmware update system was a major success in this project.
  • Radio frequency signals were used to allow the update of all the sensors and the firmware update system bootloader was developed with the real time operating system, FreeRTOS.

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