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As part of Witekio’s presence at CES Las Vegas, we wanted to create a brand new demonstration to showcase our IoT Connected Service Platform Builder – Kamea.

The demonstration had to be compact (it needed to travel from Lyon, France, to Las Vegas easily), fit the topic for the 2023 conference: How Innovation is Addressing Global Challenges, and offer real insight into the capabilities of IoT.

Enter…. the Witekio Wind Turbine đź’¨

Kamea Wind Turbine

Our model clearly demonstrates all the critical aspects of an IoT device linked with a connected ecosystem, as it showcases:

  • Provisioning of the wind turbine with a symmetrical key
  • Device lifecycle management
  • User management – different access levels to the wind turbine
  • Plus a dedicated business application – demonstrating the easiness of building a service on top of a connected device

No, we know we’re not a wind turbine development company! But putting technology into real-world use case scenarios can help everyone better understand our ecosystem and on-demand software development capabilities.

This is more than a simple wind turbine, it’s a bi-directional communication system: telemetry visualization and remote-control actions (through Azure IoT Hub twin properties), which demonstrates clearly how any business (no matter the industry) can benefit from IoT Management.

Demo Specs


  • Designed around a 12V DC motor (with gearbox) to achieve a 30 RPM max speed
  • It has a clutch on the rotating section of the turbine
  • The structure is entirely 3D printed


  • ESP32 Wemos D1 hardware kit that supports Wi-fi and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • An MCU based solution



  • ESP32, C, low-level framework, Azure-IoT-SDK-C
  • Our Kamea accelerator 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (4G to come)
  • Direct connection to Azure IoTHub service


Functional feature: remote monitoring and control of the wind turbine

  • Local wind simulation
  • Generator enable/disable
  • Electric production simulation based on simulated Wind
  • Remote control On/off
  • Remote control Generator On/off
  • Remote control Rotation speed limiter



Come find Witekio at CES Las Vegas – booth 60811.

Pierre Gal - Solutions Director
22 December 2022