Custom Linux Distribution Fast-Track

A ready-to-go Yocto Distribution package🏍️


Everything you need to get your device to market without any of the software risks.



Creating a custom Linux (Yocto-based) distribution can be very time consuming.

Even if you have the internal development skills, taking the time to customize, refine and test open-source code can take months. That's why we've packaged our 10+ years' worth of experience in bringing hundreds of Linux devices to life, to create a Linux Fast-Track service.

It's a one-stop-service to get your device to market faster.

Our Linux Fast-Track service will help with:
✨ Performance
Tailored clothes always look better - so it makes sense tailored software would work better! By fine-tuning your kernel, selecting appropriate compiler flags, and more, you can improve boot times and improve overall responsiveness.
🦶 Footprint
If you have limited storage capacity in your device, you need to be very selective in the packages and features you include to manage the overall size of your distribution. We know what works best for your use case, and what to avoid.
🔒 Security
The smaller the distribution package, the fewer potential entry points there are for attackers to exploit. Streamlining your software components can help reduce updates and keep your device in the market for longer.


For over 10 years we’ve been trusted with creating custom Linux Yocto distributions for OEMs across every industry. After the first few hundred, patterns of software pain points started to emerge, enabling our experts to create a packaged service to answer those pains – whilst ensuring full customizability.

With our tried and tested service, you can have a custom Yocto kernel tailored for your device within one month! If that’s not enough it’s a fixed price, meaning no unexpected costs.

Our Fast-Track Linux Custom Distro Service includes:

  • Driver Configuration

  • Linux Kernel Configuration

  • File System Configuration

  • Software Update Support (OTA) ​

  • Cybersecurity Hardening​

  • Continuous Integration tools​

  • Example Application Starter


Proactive Security

With our Linux Fast-Track package, you can enjoy go-to-market peace of mind thanks to security-hardening and over-the-air updates. This service has been designed to meet ISO 27001 cybersecurity standards.

Proven Linux Expertise

If our years of hands-on experience with device makers isn’t enough, we’re also a trusted member of the open-source community. We’ve hosted several Yocto Masterclass webinars and been invited to numerous ecosystem events to talk about our knowledge.

Long Term Maintenance

As well as a Yocto distro creation service, we also offer a long-term maintenance package so you can be sure your product will stay in the market for longer. Say goodbye to unpredictable maintenance costs and vendor-locking contracts.

Want to see how we can offer all this for a fixed price per year?

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