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Simplify your GUI development built on a Linux OS with Witekio 🐧


Intuitive, user-friendly designs made to last.


Witekio has been at the forefront of Linux GUI development for over 10 years. We have developed Linux apps across multiple industries and use-cases and have partnerships with all industry-leading GUI frameworks.

Our deep understanding of Linux and full-stack embedded system skillset enables us to develop custom software interfaces for your device with confidence.

With our help, you won't have to worry about:
🤔Complex UI design
Designing and developing a user-friendly interface that scales can be a daunting task and requires years of experience to build customer journeys that truly work.
☁️Backend integration
Integrating a Linux GUI with cloud or connectivity platforms can pose challenges, such as synchronization, security, and real-time comms.
📚Skillset Gap
Developing top-tier Linux apps involves a large team skilled in various disciplines. Acquiring and maintaining these skills in-house can be challenging and resource intensive.

The Witekio Linux GUI Service

We work with the biggest GUI frameworks in the industry (Qt, Flutter, GTK, and more) so we’ve got your GUI needs covered, no matter what your project requirements.

Our middleware expertise covers custom UX and UI design, software integration, testing, and even compatibility across various IoT devices.

It doesn’t matter if you already have the Linux-based OS ready to build your GUI platform on, or need to build it from the ground up, we can help with our comprehensive GUI development services.

We understand that you don’t want to reinvent the GUI wheel for every product launch, so create all your code with a code reuse mindset from day one. This helps reduce development time and costs in the future, as well as improve your product brand recognizability in the long run.

With our unparalleled expertise, user-centric approach, and agile methodology, Witekio is perfectly placed to deliver custom Linux GUI development services.


User-first development

We prioritize the end user’s experience, crafting intuitive and engaging GUIs that enhance functionality, not obstruct it. Our approach enables us to maximize performance and user satisfaction.

Customization and scalability

At Witekio, we know well that each device comes with its own unique requirements and goals. Our Linux GUI solutions are tailored to meet your needs.

Technical expertise

Our team of skilled engineers possesses in-depth knowledge of Linux GUI development. Whether you are working on a single device or a large-scale deployment, our solutions can adapt to your needs.

Home Appliance
development needs
GUI, IoT Connectivity, OTA Updates, Security
Our GUI work in action - Philips

Philips needed advanced UI development and connectivity for a new range of Saeco connected coffee machines. The Xelsis models had to go to market in under two years, work seamlessly as a luxury home appliance should, and offer a next-generation experience for users.

What does this mean for tech? Over-the-air updates for evolving features, personalization settings, a lightning-fast touchscreen/UI and more.

  • Taking the home coffee machine market from MCU to MPU. A complete, connected home coffee experience, with an advanced UI and a smartphone look and feel
  • Using a platforming approach to create custom software for four models in the product range, while ensuring they all meet the same standards and optimize development costs
  • Ensuring regionalization for launch - handling different languages and recipe lists, which differ from region to region.
  • Working with Philips' product development methodology to meet the organizations quality standards, user centric approach and allow for improvement during development

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