Linux Long Term Maintenance

Seamless updates and uninterrupted performance – trust our Linux maintenance experts ⚡

Extend your Linux-based device’s lifespan with Witekio’s software maintenance package.



A one-stop solution to manage your Linux device updates & security from launch to end-of-life

After years of handling the maintenance of Linux Yocto distributions for hundreds of OEMs across a host of industries, we created a Long-Term Maintenance software Package to answer your maintenance needs in one go.

We help you overcome:
📉OS Support Erosion
As Linux distributions evolve and newer versions are released, older versions may lose support, leaving you to handle critical updates and security patches independently.
🔃Compatibility Challenges
The Linux ecosystem constantly evolves, meaning device drivers and libraries may become outdated. This can cause compatibility issues and requires ongoing maintenance efforts to ensure seamless operation.
🧠Skill Gap
Maintaining a Linux device long-term requires specialized skills and expertise. Our Linux Maintenance package takes care of that for you, letting you focus your time and resources elsewhere.


Our experienced team of Linux Yocto experts specialize in ongoing updates, patches, and proactive IoT device monitoring to ensure performance, even in the face of ever-evolving technologies and diminishing OS support from the open-source community.

Take control of your Yocto distribution and hand over the headache to us. Not only will you save yourself countless hours of development time, but costs as well. Say goodbye to unpredictable maintenance costs and vendor-locking contracts. Our transparent pricing model allows you to budget your device maintenance effectively.

Our Linux maintenance service goes beyond just fixing problems once they arise and includes:

  • Instant vulnerability alerts ​
  • Urgent fix process (including backporting) ​
  • Daily monitoring and impact analysis​
  • Monthly CVE reports​
  • Quarterly Linux maintenance release​
  • Yearly major LTS update


Proven Linux Expertise

Witekio has a team of highly skilled engineers with extensive expertise in Linux systems and long-term maintenance. With years of experience working on Linux-based projects across various industries, we understand the complexities of maintaining Linux devices and can provide reliable and effective solutions.

Secure by design approach

With our comprehensive Linux Maintenance package, you can enhance the security of your device and enjoy peace of mind thanks to our tried and tested monitoring tools, vulnerability alerts and urgent fix process to ensure your product is always user-ready.

Seamless Integration with Development

Witekio’s expertise extends to the entire product development lifecycle, including Linux device design, development, and deployment. This holistic approach allows us to seamlessly integrate long-term maintenance services into your overall development strategy.

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