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Robust and resilient software to power your devices and applications

Unlock the full potential of your MCU project and reduce project risks.

Working with MCU components can be a daunting task and developing efficient software to power your device or embedded application can take many painstaking months.

Witekio understands the complexities of MCU software development, and our team has real-world experience doing this for low-level firmware, up to application software and cloud, meaning we can get you to market faster and with fewer risks.

We can save you the headache of:
🧨 Power Optimization
Power consumption is a huge concern when your device runs on battery. Witekio works to optimize all software for minimum power usage while ensuring reliable functionality.
📈 Scalability
Whether this is V1 in a large product launch or something you hope to scale as you grow, making sure your software is built to easily adapt to new functionality or hardware configurations is a must.
🤔 Integration Issues
Seamless communication between hardware and software is a must when working on MCU. Our experienced team understands the complexities of integrating systems, components, and external devices.


Robust and Optimized solutions

System stability & responsiveness

MCU Device Applications

End-user centric development

MCU Driver Development

Component communication

MCU Cloud Connectivity
Connectivity made simple

MCU IoT Security
Security first approach

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Due to a host of reasons, many companies who traditionally would choose MPU-based hardware are now turning to MCU components.

As a leading embedded software company (with industry partners spanning silicon vendors, software tools, and frameworks) we’re at the heart of this exciting MCU evolution and working with the ecosystem to create world-firsts that will define MCU devices for years to come.

On top of this, we have vast experience delivering MCU-based embedded systems to market.

Smart Building Solutions
Development Goals
MCU integration, OTA Updates
Witekio's MCU Solutions in Action

Adeunis Building Management System is a complete wireless solution allowing the monitoring of a building’s energy efficiency and security with sensors that turn it into a “smart building”.

Adeunis was looking for a partner with an extensive embedded software expertise to help develop a mechanism to complete a local wireless update of their WMBus, LoraWan and SigFox products. Witekio was able to provide them with the following:

  • A complete software system design and integration service for firmware updates to multiple MCU architectures
  • Design of a network tree mechanism to enable the “hop” mechanism and extend update range
  • Security and cryptography layer design and integration
  • Application development through a UX approach


You're in safe hands

If you’re here, it’s because you know developing software for microcontroller units needs very specialized knowledge and development experience. Thanks to our 20-year history and pool of over 170 engineers, we can help with your MPU project, no matter the task.

Proactive security for MCU

In today’s interconnected and ever-changing digital landscape, you need to ensure your MCU product is secure from the ground up. Thanks to our proactive security measures, we keep cybersecurity top of mind from the first line of code to the last.

Maintenance services

MCU software needs constant upgrades and maintenance after deployment to keep it secure and working reliably. Without maintenance, you run the risk of product bricking. Witekio can handle long-term maintenance for you, leaving you to focus on the latest features for success.

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