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Medical App Development Services

Compliant UI, Connectivity, and Security Development


We create secure and seamless IoMT applications.

Whether you need help with a patient-centric monitoring device or class-three medical equipment, we prioritize security, reliability, and ease of use in your development from day one. We help your team meet compliance standards and maintain your device for its entire lifecycle.

Finding the right solutions
Our Architecture Expertise in Action

Veriskin, a medical device manufacturer, needed help developing their skin cancer screening device.

The device was designed to be noninvasive and easy to use, so our Linux expertise and GUI skillset were vital in ensuring a reliable and intuitive experience. Witekio worked with the Veriskin team to provide end-to-end support, offering project architecture consultation, low-level development, application design, and more.

“Witekio provided Veriskin with a talented, experienced, and attentive team focused on execution and meeting the company deadlines. The Witekio team was professional, engaged and made us feel as if we were all one company.” Nelson Quintana - Vice President of Engineering at Veriskin Inc.

We Know Medical Applications

From cutting-edge start-ups to industry-leading giants, we’ve worked with a host of medical device manufacturers.

We can help with:

  • Medical UX consulting
  • Solution security
  • Device connectivity
  • Integration, migration & more

Need application support?

All Boxes Checked

We’ve gathered our twenty years of industry knowledge to highlight the critical pain points you’ll need to address for secure medical applications.

From regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, communication protocols, or user interface design, we outline the issues we see time and time again.

Click here to see our top 6 today.

App Lifecycle Management

We believe software maintenance is key to ensuring medical device security, reliability, and compliance. Witekio offers end-to-end support for your entire app lifecycle, which is vital if you have an application built on top of an open-source OS.

From scanning for CVEs, fixing any found vulnerabilities, enabling updates, and more, our Long-Term Maintenance services can give you device peace of mind.



Thanks to our work with and for leading vendors and manufacturers, we can provide cutting-edge software solutions from a tool-agnostic standpoint. Our partnerships include Linux, QT, Flutter, and beyond.


At Witekio, security isn’t an afterthought, it’s at every stage of development. Our team works with a ‘secure by design’ approach to ensure your project is designed with current and future vulnerabilities in mind.


Need low-level development, application design, or connectivity? We can help. Our combination of software expertise, solutions, and seamless UX design, results in intuitive, secure, and reliable apps.

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