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Level up, secure, and connect your product with our software skills.

Optimize and enhance the performance of your MPU-based products with us.

For over 20 years, we’ve helped develop software for hundreds of products using MPU hardware. We understand the limitations AND optimization possibilities a Microprocessor brings, and how this can impact your functionality and end-user needs.

From firmware development to operating system integration and connectivity solutions, we have the skilled team and knowledge to help.

No need to worry about:
🥰 Integration
To make a reliable and long-lasting MPU-based product, you'll need seamless integration of your hardware and software. We know hardware components and are software experts, so we're uniquely placed to marry the pair together perfectly.
💻 Skill set
We offer full-stack software services from the lower layers to the cloud. This means no matter where your MPU product takes you, we'll have the right skill set to get you to your end goals.
✨ Customization
Our code is always customized to meet your needs. This tailored approach not only helps you implement your chosen features on time but will minimize the features you don't need and optimize your system.


Reliable and scalable solutions

Update, improve, secure

MPU Linux Development
A customizable OS for your needs

MPU Device Applications
End-user centric development

MPU Cloud Connectivity
Connectivity made simple

MPU IoT Security
Security first approach

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With software becoming more complex than ever, it’s important to make sure your hardware will be compatible with your software.

Witekio is an Avnet company, meaning we understand hardware and are software experts – so knowing and actioning what works best together is not an issue.

We’ve worked with MPU vendors and manufacturers for over 20 years, and have partnerships with the biggest names in tech. No matter your hardware vendor, we’ll have hands-on experience.

Home Appliances
MPU, GUI, IoT Connectivity, OTA Updates, Security
The Challenge

Philips needed advanced UI development and connectivity for a new range of Saeco connected coffee machines. The Xelsis models had to go to market in under two years, work seamlessly as a luxury home appliance should, and offer a next-generation experience for users.

What does this mean for tech? Over-the-air updates for evolving features, personalization settings, a lightning-fast touchscreen/UI and more.

  • Taking the home coffee machine market from MCU to MPU. A complete, connected home coffee experience, with an advanced UI and a smartphone look and feel
  • Using a platforming approach to create custom software for four models in the product range, while ensuring they all meet the same standards and optimize development costs
  • Ensuring regionalization for launch - handling different languages and recipe lists, which differ from region to region.
  • Working with Philips' product development methodology to meet the organizations quality standards, user centric approach and allow for improvement during development


20 years of MPU

We have over two decades of expertise in MPU development. Get a wealth of knowledge and hands-on skills when you hire us to deliver reliable software solutions for your project.

Secure by design

Security isn’t an afterthought, it’s at every stage of development. Our team works with a ‘secure by design’ approach to ensure your project is designed with stopping potential vulnerabilities in mind.

Partnerships that matter

Thanks to our work with and for leading MPU vendors and manufacturers, we’re often ‘in the know’ of upcoming hardware advancements, enabling us to provide cutting-edge software solutions.

Start your MPU peace of mind

Our team is ready to learn all about your project.

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