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Embarking on an OS migration journey requires more than just expertise—it demands a partner who can navigate complexities, manage risks, and deliver outcomes.

Witekio, with its rich heritage in embedded systems and IoT, is the partner you can trust to make your OS migration experience not only painless but transformative.

Our teams meticulously evaluate the risks associated with different migration choices, guiding you toward the optimal route for your device's future. Rigorous testing, coupled with transparent documentation, ensures that your software thrives in its new environment.

We Can Help You With:
📉Declining Support
When your device's current operating system is reaches its end-of-support, it can be left vulnerable to security risks and lack crucial updates. Migrating your OS can help protect you against being left in the lurch.
⚙️Hardware Compatibility
Upgrading your OS can sometimes mean investing in software customization so that it's fully compatible with your hardware. We help maximize your OS performance and ensure seamless hardware integration.
📱UX Impact
Migrating the OS is a great way to expand functionality or extend market life, but it could potentially disrupt the user experience, leading to usability issues or a learning curve for end-users.

Witekio Are Your Experts for OS Migration Management

Witekio excels in seamless OS transitions, ensuring core functionality and user experience. Our extensive experience includes aiding clients in migrations from Windows Embedded Compact/WEC/Windows CE to Linux, Android, and upgrading from soon-to-be-unsupported OS versions to newer iterations.

This wealth of knowledge positions Witekio as your premier choice for software migration projects, extending to OS-to-hardware transitions and transitioning from Embedded C to C++.

With a proven history of success, we stand ready to elevate your embedded software capabilities through adept migration management.



We incorporate security measures into the system architecture process at every level, detecting potential weaknesses and implementing effective security techniques. Our experience in “security by design” guarantees you can migrate your device with peace of mind.


With 20+ years of experience in embedded software, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to migrate your OS. 20+ years bring us not only knowledge but strong partnerships with some of the leading connectivity and application tool providers in the ecosystem.


Our engineers don’t just code; they architect solutions with a holistic view of your device’s hardware ecosystem. As an Avnet company, our access to an expansive network of hardware resources elevates your OS migration and helps us ensure you get the best for your device.

Packaging and Containers Manufacturing
Development Needs
OS Migration, GUI, BSP
The Challenge

W. H. Leary needed to migrate their OS and Kernel due to an end-of-life CPU and OS. The Monet platform – which automates the company's world-class packaging manufacturing system -is a vital part of the companies offering, so extra care was needed to ensure ease of use and system longevity.

After an in-depth consulting workshop phase, W. H. Leary selected Witekio’s architecture concept, and development team, to deliver the:

  • OS migration, Yocto BSP development, and language localization support
  • Reimagining of a real-time processing system, from the lower levels up
  • GUI integration for seamless user-experience
  • System optimization and documentation

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