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Why Choose Witekio for your Qt projects?

Witekio’s extensive experience in low-level and embedded software development engineering means our teams are experts in Qt GUI development.

Our deep practical knowledge of Qt, and the creative design skills of our team, are proven through:

  • 50+ successful projects delivered for a variety of industries using Qt
  • 7 years of official partnership, including joint projects and demonstrations


Our Qt Development work in action:

Evoca Coffee Machines

Evoca Group is a worldwide leader in manufacturing specialized food and beverage vending machines. To keep their leading position on the market and the trust of their numerous customers as an OEM, Evoca needs to permanently innovate and propose solutions that are at the same time at the forefront of technology as well as robust and scalable.

Evoca asked Witekio to develop a common, generic, and modular software architecture with code reuse in mind to minimize development for the next product ranges. Our engineers used Qt GUI development tools to create the intuitive interface featuring a user-friendly 10’’ HD touch screen. The application is architected as a set of libraries enabling its simple implementation on future Evoca Group products.

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Why Choose Qt for your GUI projects?

Qt is one of the best GUI development frameworks for connected and embedded devices. Some of the advantages that Qt delivers are:

  • True Cross-Platform Framework: Qt is built to deliver engaging and efficient GUIs on all devices and all platforms. A GUI can be deployed on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile operating systems all from the same Qt codebase.
  • Internationalization Baked In: Unlike other frameworks, internationalization and localization work is handled by Qt Linguist. This set of tools allows the developer to tag words in the UI and then rapidly localize within the Qt framework. Non-Latin alphabets and RTL scripts are handled with simple plugins.


  • Community Support: The popularity of Qt and the wide community of developers that have embraced Qt means there is extensive support for Qt development teams. Whether it is troubleshooting bugs or drawing on a graphical library, community support accelerates GUI development.
  • Extensive Graphical Libraries: QT GUI Development doesn’t need to start from scratch. Instead, developers can draw on extensive graphical libraries with a variety of frames, widgets, and other elements that can be quickly adopted, adapted, and aligned with your plan.

There’s a lot to like about Qt for GUI development but there is at least one disadvantage.

For all the benefits of Qt, it does mean locking a GUI to Qt.

Unlike C++, for example, it is less portable, and some clients might feel ‘stuck’ with Qt. Often, however, the advantages of Qt tend to overwhelm this potential disadvantage and clients that choose the Qt framework rarely regret their choice.

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