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Aired February 14th, 2023


  • Karim Atiki – Technical Leader – Witekio
  • Vladimir Minenko – Senior Product Manager – Qt

If you are bringing a connected device or product to market, making sure it’s secure is vital. That’s why Witekio and Pentest have teamed up to outline exactly how to assess, test and solve IoT Ecosystem security issues.


  • Paul Ritchie – Managing Consultant – Pentest Ltd
  • Julien Bernet – Security Manager  – Witekio  

Aired December 6th, 2022

Aired November 16th, 2022

In this master class, our experts will help Product Managers and Engineers understand the importance of keeping your Yocto up-to-date, as well as how to overcome the difficulties that come with this.


  • Russell Bateman – Embedded Software Developer – Witekio
  • Josef Holzmayr – Head of Developer Relations – Mender.io

In this webinar, our experts examine all the ways that automated IoT testing can help you boost your time to market, as well as improve your product lifecycle.


  • Pierre Gal – Technical Director – Witekio
  • Julien Vial Detambel – Lead Developer Pluma – Witekio  

Aired October 4th, 2022

Aired July 22nd, 2022

Yocto Master Class – Understanding variables and overrides

In this master class, our experts will help Product Managers and Engineers understand the mechanisms of Yocto, as well as how to integrate their software with connectivity services such as Mender.


  • Nicholas Beck – Embedded Team Lead – Witekio
  • Josef Holzmayr – Head of Developer Relations – Mender.io

Fabricants de Produits, Les clés pour transformer votre business model grâce à l’IoT

Witekio et Spark lab unissent leurs forces pour aider les OEMs & les fabricants d’équipement à avancer dans leur démarche de réflexion autour de la création de leurs futures offres de service associé à leur produit.


  • Pierre Gal – Technical Director – Witekio
  • Grégoire Lanaud – Business Development & Account Manager – Witekio
  • Aristide Wolfrom – Co-founder – Spark lab

Aired June 17th, 2022

Aired April 19th, 2022

Bring Agility to the development of your HMIs

In this webinar, Witekio and QT discuss why and how you can use Qt to develop modern HMIs in an agile way.


  • Grégoire Lanaud – Business Development & Account Manager – Witekio
  • Emmanuel Penzes – Pre-Sales Engineer – Qt

Yocto Master Class

Witekio and Mender.io join forces to help Product Managers and Engineers handle the development, management, and updating of multiple product variants or SKUs when using Yocto.


  • Josef Holzmayr – Head of Developer Relations and ambassador for The Yocto Project – Mender.io
  • Nick Elsmore Firmware Engineer and Embedded Software Engineer – Witekio
  • Florian Rebaudo Embedded Software Engineer – Witekio

See webinar article summary

Aired March 8th, 2022

Aired February 3rd, 2022

Securing IoT Systems End to End

Witekio and Avnet Embedded are here to help guide project managers in the jungle of IoT security standards and frameworks. Which apply to your product?


  • Nicholas Beck – IoT Security Standards – Worldwide Synergies and Variances – Witekio
  • Ed Langley – Security by Design – Baking security in from the outset – Witekio
  • James Barrett – Securing IoT Systems End to End – includes pen testing for device

Leverage software power on STM32 microcontrollers

A webinar with our partner STMicroelectronics on how to leverage software on STM32 microcontrollers.


Aired December 2nd, 2021

Make or Buy – How to make the right move

Aired on October 28th, 2022

Witekio, Avnet Embedded, Qt & Microsoft join forces in a Webinar to help OEMs & Smart Device manufacturers choose the appropriate Make or Buy strategy.

  • What are the key criteria to making a choice between the two alternatives?
  • How to deal with time to market
  • How to choose according to your company culture
  • Which strategy to pick for upgradability and platforming
  • How to keep the ownership on your value proposition
  • How to deal with Risk management
  • What is the total cost of ownership between Make or Buy?

Leveraging Software Power on a System in Package Platform (SIP)

Witekio, ST Microelectronics & Octavo join forces to help OEMs & Smart Device manufacturers leverage Software power on a System in package platform (SIP)

  • How to gain market share within the embedded market
  • What are the key advantages of the SIP
  • How to facilitate customer app port thanks to the Debian distro on top of the STM32MP1 based SIP
  • What are the benefits to the SM32 MP1

Webinar article summarize

Aired on October 21st, 2022

IoT device and security – 3 steps to meet your market

Aired on September 1st, 2021

Witekio, internet of Trust & Synacktiv join forces to help OEMs & Smart Device manufacturers design an appropriate Security Strategy.

In the Jungle of standards and non-existing IoT norms, we will guide you through a tri-level approach to tackle the challenges of the IoT Security Journey.

  • What is the risk if you don’t consider implementing security into your IoT system
  • Key elements to avoid mistakes
  • Audit: dos and don’ts
  • Security by Design on your products: dos and don’ts
  • Penetration testing
  • Cost & time baseline on 2 different cases

The 5 Key Success Factors to Deploy Yocto for “Production Grade” Embedded/IoT Devices

Adrien Levarat, Passionate technical coach, and Embedded/IoT Software Architect

Adrien looks at the main elements to build into your distribution and system, to have an all-around solid, manageable, and “production-ready” device.
This presentation builds around 5 different axes:

  • Optimizing the development process (development, testing, automation),
  • Providing visibility for devices on the fields,
  • Remote control over your device (maintenance and update),
  • Securing the solution,
  • and Planning for your next generation of products

This presentation assumes Yocto is being used, but the concepts and tools can be leveraged on the various embedded systems.

September 27th, 2021

Download the ready-to-use Checklist aiming to provide a 360 view and adaptable on a case-by-case basis.

Embedding Custom Voice Commands

A webinar organized by our Partner Vivoka on embedding custom Voice commands, with Vivoka’s Voice Development Kit.


Read more: blog article on Speech Recognition technologies

Make or buy , faire les bons choix (French)

The success of an IoT project lies in the strategic choices made upstream.

Hardware, software, cloud, should you opt to build your own platform (make/outsource) or prefer off-the-shelf solutions (buy)?

Witekio and its partners, Actia, Qt, and Google Cloud, offer you an analysis grid and concrete examples to help you make the most appropriate choices for your project.

This webinar was aired on Thursday, May 27th at 10 am, only in French.


Aired on May 27th, 2021

Leveraging the IoT Cloud with AWS and Azure

Fernando, Witekio’s cloud Architect, and Adrian, Witekio’s Embedded & Digital Application Expert, give you a look at the possibilities of IoT and Cloud!

  • Learn how to connect your IoT devices to the Cloud
  • Explore possibilities of AWS and Azure’s Cloud solutions
  • Get your devices secured
  • Get your mind blown by our cloud architect’s demos
  • Questions and answers between the attendees and the speakers

November 19th, 2020