Leverage software power on STM32 microcontrollers

A webinar with our partner STMicroelectronics on how to leverage software on STM32 microcontrollers.


Embedding Custom Voice Commands

A webinar organized by our Partner Vivoka on embedding custom Voice commands, with Vivoka’s Voice Development Kit.


Read more: blog article on Speech Recognition technologies


Innovation IoT

Build or off-the-shelf – Factors to consider when making your decision

The success of an IoT project lies in the strategic choices made upstream.

Hardware, software, cloud, should you opt to build your own platform (make/outsource) or prefer off-the-shelf solutions (buy)?

Witekio and its partners, Actia, Qt, and Google Cloud, offer you an analysis grid and concrete examples to help you make the most appropriate choices for your project.

This webinar was aired on Thursday, May 27th at 10 am, only in French.

To access the replay, complete the form →

Make or Buy webinar FR - replay livestorm

Leveraging the IoT Cloud with AWS and Azure

November 19th, 2020

Fernando, Witekio’s cloud Architect, and Adrian, Witekio’s Embedded & Digital Application Expert, give you a look at the possibilities of IoT and Cloud!

  • Learn how to connect your IoT devices to the Cloud
  • Explore possibilities of AWS and Azure’s Cloud solutions
  • Get your devices secured
  • Get your mind blown by our cloud architect’s demos
  • Questions and answers between the attendees and the speakers

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