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EV and Green Energy App Development Services

UX, UI, Connectivity, Scalability & Security


Whether you need a scalable EV charging solution, real-time battery telemetry, or custom energy management dashboards, we help take the pain away from developing user-centric and reliable applications for your smart energy products.

From low-level development to custom-built applications, integration, and connectivity, Witekio is your one-stop shop for your smart energy software development needs and can work to your certification standards. 


We know how to make your product ⚡

Witekio brings a wealth of EV charging infrastructure and green energy application development experience to the table. We offer tailor-made solutions that meet the unique requirements of your device and can help with everything from:

  • UI and UX workshops
  • Web applications
  • Connectivity
  • Security
  • Integration & more

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Top 5 EV Charging Application Development Challenges

We cover 5 key areas including the significance of user experience (UX), the critical role of platforming, cybersecurity concerns, connectivity and OTA needs, scalability, and more.

Weʼll also be talking about industry standards, development methodology to ensure success, and more.

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Long-Term Software Support

It would be amazing if we could just build and forget an application, but if you want to ensure a solid maintainable user experience, and that your device is secure and compliant, this isn’t the case, especially if you have an application built on top of an open-source OS.

Luckily, we cover everything from scanning for CVEs, fixing any found vulnerabilities, enabling updates, and more.

Check out our Long-Term Maintenance services.



Thanks to our work with and for leading vendors and manufacturers, we can provide cutting-edge software solutions from a tool-agnostic standpoint. Our partnerships include Linux, QT, Flutter, and beyond.


At Witekio, security isn’t an afterthought, it’s at every stage of development. Our team works with a ‘secure by design’ approach to ensure your project is designed with current and future vulnerabilities in mind.


Need low-level development, application design, or connectivity? We can help. Our combination of software expertise, solutions, and seamless UX design, results in intuitive, secure, and reliable apps.

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