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Boost your embedded product development

with ready-to-use, secure & reliable software tools and our packaged offers

+20 years of experience
After years of working with equipment manufacturers, we found that their embedded projects often contained similar pieces of software and faced the same issues. That's why we've created ready-to-use, fully customizable and maintained software tools as well as time (and money) saving packaged offers
Our services can help you
Save wasted development time and preserve your team's efforts for the tricky parts of your product. We can help with your software ABCs.
We've squeezed 20 years of experience into our accelerators and packaged offers, so you can have peace of mind when building your device.
You can own as much or little as you need. Want the full source code to avoid vendor lock-in? - you got it. Want us to take care of everything - we can!

Off-the-shelf software for your embedded solutions

KAMEA is an IoT platform builder for device connectivity & monitoring.
Build it in weeks. Keep it for decades.

Build industrial-grade embedded systems with Yocto.

Linux CVE Scan
Enhance your Linux cybersecurity.

PLUMA is an automated, full-stack IoT testing tool.
Better quality. Simpler testing.

An Over the Air update solution.
OTA made simple.

Board Support Package (BSP).
For Android & Linux.

Solutions designed with & for equipment manufacturers

Accelerators made by and for OEM - Logos

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Secure by design

Witekio is ISO 27001 certified and we’ve built all our software tools and packages to this cybersecurity standard.

Our initiative is even funded by the French government as part of the National Strategy for Cybersecurity France 2030.

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