Test Automation: A Turnkey Solution for Testing

Our engineers have been designing and deploying IoT and embedded software for years and they have developed software bricks to help them serve you better. Among them is our Automation Lab, a turnkey solution for implementing automated testing procedures and continuous testing processes for projects just like yours.

The Solution for your automated testing

automation testing lab

With Automation Lab you can make ongoing check throughout the software development process to ensure that your functionality remains optimal and catch problems before they arise. You avoid the so-called ‘testing hurdle’ that so often delays an innovative product, and you get to market sooner.

With expert engineers boasting years of experience in IoT and embedded software development, it’s fair to say that Witekio is your one-stop for automated testing.

Looking for automated testing solution?

Our lab is your one-stop for automated and continuous testing.

Our Automation Lab works with any hardware, any software, and any configuration of the two. Once installed it allows you to carry out a range of test including non-regression test, functionality tests, audit tests, and performance analyses.

Thanks to our automated testing solution you can move towards your launch date with confidence that you won’t be slowed or – worse – halted by a problem that could have been caught earlier in your development cycle. Testing hurdles that cause other vendors to stumble are easily cleared and you get your device to your end users faster.


Don’t Test Once. Don’t Test Twice. Test Continually.

Continuous testing means you are testing the software, the hardware, and the business case throughout the entire development cycle. Our Automation Lab ensures that the basics – the hardware, the embedded software, the middleware, the application and all its functionalities – are covered. But it also helps you judge the business risk that you are taking on board and prepare for the launch and deployment of your device – not just once or twice, but continuously, just like you need it to be.

Witekio’s Automation Lab: Faster, Deeper, and More Robust Testing

The automated testing that our Automation Lab offers innovative vendors is broad in scope and our clients are often surprised at just how much and how many tests our engineers have managed to include in this solution. While the actual list of tests is long, here are five common tests that the Automation Lab offers out of the box to every client.

Regression Testing

As your product moves through a development process testing is constant. As functionality gets added to your device or application, regression testing ensures that what existed before continues to work and doesn’t impact the new functionalities.

Regression testing is how you avoid your new update crashing your existing system or a new function breaking something that is already a customer favorite, and its baked into Automation Lab.

Continuous Integration 

When you operate a continuous integration development cycle you are regularly pushing minor changes to your software to production. Testing that this new code doesn’t break what is already there is important, and automating this testing is key to keep things running smoothly, on time, and in a cost-effective way. You eliminate human error in pushing not-quite-perfect code, and you ensure an optimal end user experience.


Functional and GUI Testing

Your GUI often needs to work with a range of browsers and, unfortunately, these browsers are constantly being updated by their developers without ever discussing those changes with you. Waking up to find that your GUI is broken because of a browser update is more than a pain – it’s lost business. By using Automation Lab to continually test your GUI and application functionality against these constantly updated browsers, you’ll avoid issues and maintain your customer satisfaction.

Load Testing

You dream of the day that your device scales from a single end user to mass adoption, but is your IoT network capable of dealing with the load? By automating load and stress testing you can identify potential problems before they emerge. Automated tests can be run during periods of heavy load and the results of these tests can help you and your team plan, prepare, and make the right choices to prepare for the scale you’ve only ever dreamt of.



Unit Testing

 While your code might seem like an overwhelming monolith, it consists of various procedures, modules, datasets, databases, embedded elements, and middleware. In a unit test these different elements are tested individually just as rigorously as they are tested as a whole application. This extra attention ensures that the parts are as strong as the whole and that weak points that are potentially covered up with some clever code fixes don’t emerge as issues sometime in the future. Automating these tests speeds them up, expands their coverage, and provides you with the confidence you need to trust the hardware and software you bring to market.

Right off the shelf, our turnkey automated testing and continuous testing solution helps you deliver a better product to market faster, cheaper, and with total security. Automation Lab can work for you as it has for our other clients, helping them deliver innovation to end users and carve out a place in a competitive market.

Built in-house at Witekio with the same commitment to quality that has defined our work for two decades, it’s a must-have for every serious IoT vendor.

Our Automation Lab is our turnkey solution for implementing automated testing procedures and continuous testing. It allows you to make regular checks throughout the development process and avoid the slowdown brought on by the so-called ‘testing hurdle’. Instead of bringing you to a standstill, this hurdle can be made can be made easier to clear or, in some cases,  even eliminated altogether. Our Automation Lab works with any hardware and software and, once it is installed, it empowers you to carry out non-regression testing, functionality tests, audit tests, performance analyses, and more.

Full Metal Update

Full Metal Update is the perfect OTA software update solution for any connected device, smart device, IoT device, or IoT network. Open source and container based, cloud agnostic and unbrickable, and with delta updates to ensure a downtime free experience, it’s the best way to get the latest version of your software onto your hardware with the minimum interruption to service and the maximum end user satisfaction.

Board Support Package

Close and long-term relationships with the industry’s most important card and processor manufacturers means Witekio engineers are both comfortable working with core board designs and emerging technologies alike. Whether you select a standard board support package or opt for a customized alternative, you will benefit from Witekio’s years of experience, commitment to customer success, agile development processes, and technology agnostic approach.