Linux BSP Development

At Witekio our engineers can customize an embedded Linux system, tailored to your specific needs and end-users. With more than two decades of experience in developing custom BSPs and adapting the Linux operating system to diverse products and industries, Witekio has the expertise to help you to develop your own custom embedded Linux system.

Linux Board Support Package Development

When we select and deploy a Linux BSP for an IoT device, much of the work has already been done by the board vendor. However, depending on the use case, a customer might consider customizing the BSP to better serve their end-users. An A/B partition, a secure boot, adaptations to the Linux kernel, or the addition of networking connectors are all ways in which we can customize the standard BSP to meet end-user expectations. Engineers can work from the base manufacturer BSP and Yocto layer to develop a custom BSP that delivers where it counts.

In need of a custom Linux BSP?

Custom BSP for Your Linux OS

There’s no limit to what we can customize on a Linux board, but one of the most common customizations for a Linux BSP is the change of the partitioning scheme.

Boards typically are sold with two partitions:

  • The first is with the Linux kernel and device tree, and
  • The second is with the roots (program, library and configuration files, etc.).

However, a board that has only two partitions is at risk of bricking should a future update to the embedded software fail. To avoid this a third partition can be added to the board where the second version of rootfs or a rescue system can be placed. We can push future updates to this new partition and, should there be a problem in the update, the device will continue to function with the installed software until we resolve the problem with the update.

Other common customizations include changes to the boot loader, the secure boot systems, and node properties. We can install driver packages, the BSP optimized for the specific intended use case, the board package customized for OTA updates, and an experienced Witekio team can execute all of this and deploy it rapidly.

Two Decades of BSP Development

Witekio has been developing custom Linux BSPs for nearly twenty years. The expertise gained over those years has helped establish Witekio as a first-choice custom BSP developer for IoT device vendors in various industries and with incredibly diverse use cases.

Witekio engineers have developed custom BSPs for medical devices, the cosmetics industry, industrial IoT devices, and machines for consumer kitchens and home cuisine. Though complex BSPs sometimes demand deeper and longer engagement by the engineering team, Custom BSPs can often be developed and deployed in as little as 20 days.

After you sign the standard SLA, the Witekio team will contact you to begin learning about your needs and determining how best to adapt an existing BSP to your use case. Once the team scopes the project, they will direct you to a payment gateway and schedule the on-site workshop.

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