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Develop your own custom-embedded Linux Board Support Package

Why Witekio for Linux BSPs?
Yocto Gold Members
We're Gold Members of the Linux Foundations Yocto Project and play an active part in the community. We're experts in building and maintaining Linux BSPs for OEMs.
21+ Years of experience
Two decades and hundreds of devices in the market later, we know the journey of a BSP, from legacy to brand new. We can get you Industrial Grade ready faster.
Fast Track Development
We've developed packaged offers to get you to market with a Linux BSP in a month! This includes the tooling and engineering time.
Maintenance support
We're more than go-to-market development, we offer maintenance support to keep your device secure, updated and working reliably for longer.
We're trusted by some of the worlds leading brands:

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Why a Linux BSP?

Linux offers unmatched customization and optimization options, helping ensure your product’s robustness, security, and longevity.

With Linux, you can streamline development using pre-developed BSPs to speed up integration and deployment.

Or tailor your BSP specifically for your device, using tools like the Yocto Project, Buildroot, OpenEmbedded and more.

Linux BSP Customization Options

  • Partitioning Scheme Changes: Modifying the default two-partition setup to include additional partitions, such as a third partition for a backup root filesystem or a rescue system, to enhance system reliability and recovery capabilities.
  • Boot Loader and Secure Boot Adjustments: Customizing the boot process and implementing secure boot mechanisms to ensure the integrity and security of the system at startup.
  • Kernel and Driver Modifications: Adapting the Linux kernel and installing specific driver packages to optimize performance and compatibility with project-specific hardware and use cases.
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates: Integrating custom solutions for OTA updates to streamline the process of deploying software updates to devices in the field.
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