Build your IoT platform in weeks. Keep it for decades

The perfect combination of software & professional services for OEMs 

⚡ Boost your time-to-market and functionality

Pre-built IoT platform software, designed specifically for equipment manufacturers, plus professional services to make your products smarter and more competitive. Simply, quickly, safely. Full source code provided.

Launch a v1 in weeks. Smash your time-to-market deadlines 🔥

Pre-built device, data and user management features to connect your products simply and quickly

Key features
Remote device management
Access & roles management
Bidirectional communication
System maintenance & updates
Get support from our embedded experts

Our embedded software engineers work with world-renowned OEMs to help build, copilot and develop products.

We can help with your IoT solution customization: cloud infrastructure architecture, hardware integration, SDK, business apps, security and more.

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Own everything: independency & longevity

We provide you with the full source code, specifications, technical documentation, end-to-end testing, continuous integration environment and more.

Keep & customize your solution for decades, free of any vendor lock-in!

Multi-layer cybersecurity

Witekio is ISO 27001 certified. Our cybersecurity best practices have been applied to build a software brick with a high-security level.

Launch your device with in-built security and peace of mind. 

See how easily you can develop your IoT Innovations

They built their IoT solution with Witekio

Witekio had the manpower, the expertise and the flexible approach we needed from a partner. For the co-development of our IoT solution they were the best choice.
Xavier Claeys
Director of digital innovation - tower crane products
We needed a software partner with proven home appliance results to help us launch our next generation of connected coffee machines. With Witekioʼs help, the latest Xelsis model ensures our customers can enjoy new features and a premium home coffee experience for years to come.
In IoT, it is "relatively" easy to make a prototype. However, industrializing, running hundreds of devices and operating 24/7 is another story. Witekio helped us to set up our IoT cloud, and create a reliable product with battery swapping stations. Thanks for helping us overcome our hurdles & grow!

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Frequently asked questions

No, but with the license you get perpetual access to the source code.

You will have all needed source code and documentation to rebuild Kamea on your side.

This license allows you to get 1 year of updates, then if you want to continue to get the latest updates/fixes you can subscribe for yearly maintenance.

There is no limitation in terms of number of devices or number of users.

You have a full ownership of the source code, deploy it and operate it on your own infrastructure and for all your use cases.

Kamea is written in Javascript / Typescript.

Our back-end use Nest.js while the front end uses an Angular framework.

We will release a new software version every quarter.

Yes! The Kamea platform is industrial grade, fully tested by Witekio and ready to deploy to your infrastructure.

You can start integrated data and configure your device remotely and easily develop your custom application on top of Kamea to fit your business needs.

Yes! Kamea is provided as a code source with all “Infrastructure As Code” deployment script.

We support multiple protocols natively like HTTP or Azure IoT Hub.

You can very easily extend Kamea to support your own protocol.

Regarding the payload we natively support JSON, and we developed a Codec mechanism that allows you to decode your device-specific messages.