Kamea - Simplify connected services for your product

Connected service creation, IoT management & solution ownership

20 years in the industry and thousands of connected devices later, we’re still looking for a centralised Connected Service Platform Builder that gives us all the features, flexibility, quality, and maintainability connected device-makers need. So, we’ve made one ourselves. Kamea is a connected service platform builder dedicated to meeting the needs of equipment manufacturers. It is designed to optimize your total cost of ownership, mitigate development risks and reduce your time to market. Best of all, it’s easy to use, secure, and allows you to keep full ownership!

Key Features

How will Kamea help equipment manufacturers?  

Our aim is to help bring your connected device to life with great software. Kamea uses our skills and experience to enable:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Operational enhancements
  • Custom business services
  • Equipment as a Service

And much more. 

Discover all Kamea features
Using an already developed layer
Concentrate only on your core business
Full source code available, no vendor locking and easy to adapt
Use a quality and security-oriented solution
Approved and advanced development methodology​. It's tried and tested.
Kamea provides an automatic deployment system ready to use in less than an hour


A typical platform lifecycle with Kamea:
Deploy Kamea

Based on the

  • Source code
  • Provided continuous integration
  • Deployment mechanism

you can deploy the Kamea ecosystem into your own Cloud infrastructure in less than an hour!

Connect your device and collect data

From the first day you can:

  • Create roles
  • Integrate your users
  • Register your device with existing protocols
  • Build your connector and start collecting data
  • Configure the connectivity of your remote device.
Build and deploy your business app

Based on your preferred development language, you can quickly create your own tailor-made application (web or mobile).

Use our quick-start templates for maximum efficiency or start working with the provided device management front end.

You can reuse all the provided features, user management, and automatic deployment etc.

Launch your Service

Grant access to the final users and start running your service on your own infrastructure. No locking, no fuss. Just simple connectivity with long-term vision.

Built your own device and need to ensure quality? Check out our Pluma accelerator for automatic testing.

Frequently asked questions

No, but with the license you get perpetual access to the source code.

You will have all needed source code and documentation to rebuild Kamea on your side.

This license allows you to get 1 year of updates, then if you want to continue to get the latest updates/fixes you can subscribe for yearly maintenance.

There is no limitation in terms of number of devices or number of users.

You have a full ownership of the source code, deploy it and operate it on your own infrastructure and for all your use cases.

Kamea is written in Javascript / Typescript.

Our back-end use Nest.js while the front end uses an Angular framework.

We will release a new software version every quarter.

Yes! The Kamea platform is industrial grade, fully tested by Witekio and ready to deploy to your infrastructure.

You can start integrated data and configure your device remotely and easily develop your custom application on top of Kamea to fit your business needs.

Yes! Kamea is provided as a code source with all “Infrastructure As Code” deployment script.

We support multiple protocols natively like HTTP or Azure IoT Hub.

You can very easily extend Kamea to support your own protocol.

Regarding the payload we natively support JSON, and we developed a Codec mechanism that allows you to decode your device-specific messages.

Still have a question?

If you want to know more about Kamea, or any of our software accelerators, get in touch.