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If you're bringing a connected device to market, you know there are a host of potential vulnerabilities that you need to look out for.
But how can you identify these CVE (Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures) quickly and efficiently? You need a tried and trusted tool that does it for you⚡

Linux CVE made easy

We offer device security peace of mind:

Full Ownership Guaranteed 

From day one, we provide you with the full source code of our Linux CVE scan solution.

This means

  • No vendor locking
  • No service delays
  • No one size fits all – equip your new tool on your own or with our help
Why Witekio?

We’re certified

Our embedded software development team makes security a priority at every stage of development.

We’re experienced

We have experience in developing embedded security, device security, and IoT network security projects.

We’re trusted

Our initiative is funded by the National Strategy for Cybersecurity France 2030 program.

Our Linux cybersecurity services in action 🦾
A full set of software services from Linux BSP to Qt GUI for medical device.
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Yocto Migration and Optimisation, GUI development and much more for a leading packaging manufacturer.
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