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Better testing. Quicker releases.

A smart automated full-stack IoT testing tool that enables early discovery of bugs and performance issues in complex software projects.


Reduce Time to Market

Optimize your development and save up to 35% of testing time 

Prevent Human

Achieve high quality delivery in the face of exponential regression testing complexity

Protect your Budget from Surprises

Avoid expensive call-backs and development extensions with early bug detection

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Unlimited Test Scenario

  • Endurance reboot tests
  • Communication stress tests (Wifi, BLE, …)
  • Benchmark, boot time, performance, …
  • Sleep and deep sleep cycle tests
  • Cloud data connectivity tests ( device to cloud and cloud to device)
  • Custom application scenario testing
  • … and much more …

An Automated Testing Solution

1. Deploy

Firmware: get the latest firmware from continuous integration
Update:  flash firmware to the MCU or MPU targets
Multiple files:deploy files to specific target device destination


2. Test

Multiple type of actions available to create advanced full-stack test scenarios:

Target device actions:  to perform automatic tests on your target
Host runner actions: to perform an action on the host and create advanced scenarios
Cloud actions: to perform the full-stack testing (device to cloud, cloud to device)
Metric Measurement actions: to measure and report perf and endurance

3. Report

Analyze: log data to analyze results efficiently (simple or verbose)
Export:support for Microsoft Excel export
Integrate:support for Test Management apps


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