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It seems that almost every day you hear a new story about a IoT device security flaw, a malware exploit, or a data leak from an IoT network. Without adequate attention paid to embedded systems security, IoT and embedded software solutions risk falling victim to bad actors, data leaks, a collapse in end user confidence and trust, and potentially irreparable impacts to your reputation. Unfortunately, the IoT sector has seen many vendors rise and quickly fall, casualties of a focus on functionality and a fast go-to-market instead of a focus on analyzing threats, anticipating future security updates, and securing both data and connectivity vectors.

It’s a fact: IoT security issues abound and, as a result, software and system security is an essential element to consider in every IoT and embedded software device.

Hundreds of customer projects every year for nearly twenty years have allowed us to establish an expertise in embedded software security that is . With the rise of the internet of things and the IoT devices, platforms, and networks that arrived with it, we built experience in IoT devices security from day one, too.

End-to-End security

Device Authentication to Server

Server Authentication to Device

Secure Session Key Establishment

Data Integrity and Data Confidentiality

Iot and embedded security

Attack Surface Reduction

Attack Surface Analysis

Risk Assessment

Design a Solution

Need advice to make the right security choices?

Our IoT and embedded device security expertise is robust

Our advice and consulting on securing software on IoT devices is world class and our up-to-date knowledge of attack vectors, malware, hacks and attack surfaces help us to advise you on the optimal decisions you can make for your software and system security.

Device Security Fundamentals

End-to-End Security

At Witekio we assess your device from a security perspective before we write a single line of code. We take a close look at your hardware and address issues there, then work on the four layers of security that your project demands to ensure true end-to-end security.

With IoT devices numbering in the billions and networks under constant threat of attack, our methodologies and processes ensure that your devices are robust enough to defeat those attacks and resilient in the face of even emerging threat vectors.

Our end-to-end security approach helps secure your device against security threats across the board.

  • Device Authentication to Server: Your embedded device software is essential to secure and even secure boards are checked for attack vectors that have emerged since board release. Additionally, connections between your device and the server is an attack vector that must be protected.
  • Server Authentication to Device: Bad actors seek to take leverage insecure IoT networks and can choose between attacking an insecure device, or insecure connections. Securing connectivity between your device and server in both directions can be essential.
  • Secure Session Key Establishment: Private keys and their exchange keep the data on your devices, on servers, and in the cloud secure. We can help you to avoid the reputational and financial costs of hacks and leaks related to your secure keys.
  • Data Integrity and Data Confidentiality: The data that is drawn from or pushed from your IoT devices needs to be correct. End users value integrity in data and in business, and we can help you become and remain their trusted partner.

Our security approach is adapted to your needs and constraints and will vary depending on your device and your technology choices. The end-to-end security we offer takes a holistic approach and includes addressing fundamental components such as a Root of Trust and a device’s Trust Zone. The anticipation of threats and a security-by-design methodology ensures you are well positioned when your device is launched.

Attack Surface Reduction

The moment a device is connected to a network it is inherently vulnerable to a cyber-attack. While end users appreciate the utility of a connected device and the benefits of cloud computing, the moment they switch on their mobile, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi connectivity they have put their device and their data at risk.

If you are not prepared to consider and reduce the attack surface of your device, you are leaving yourself open to this risk. Unfortunately, every IoT device is a target for an attacker so security must be a primary concern for your engineering teams just as it is for Witekio’s engineers.

We work with your software and engineering teams to reduce your device attack vectors and attack surfaces.

  • Attack Surface Analysis: Our teams understand the many myriad of ways that bad actors seek to penetrate a system, and they probe your device for those vulnerabilities to measure the extent to which you are at risk.
  • Risk Assessment: While every connected device is inherently at risk, your software choices impact the level of this risk.
  • Design a Solution: Our team designs and implements an attack surface reduction solution that fits the specific demands of your device and the constraints of your business. Often this will include one of at least three strategies: reducing the amount of code, reducing the number of entry points, and eliminating services that are underutilized by your end users.
We understand the importance of IoT security issues and security on IoT devices, and our engineers are experts in helping you select and implement the best security options for your device . We regularly probe attack vectors and implement updates to reduce attack surfaces, while engaging best practice end-to-end security protocols and methodologies to ensure that your device remains secure long after launch.

Trust Witekio to consult with your team to make the right security choices before development begins and to maintain security once your device is launched. We have long experience developing embedded security, device security, that ensure customer projects continue to function and meet service quality obligations in the face of expanding threats. With hundreds of projects completed every year and security a fundamental priority in each one, our teams consistently deliver both the device and the confidence you need to go to market.

System Design

Our experience in software systems design means you can have confidence in your IoT project from the moment it is first conceived through its development, launch, and scaling. Our engineers and their deep knowledge of IoT protocols, design, architecture, embedded device security and platforming mean that you are in safe hands when committing to work with Witekio. With hundreds of projects completed each year and a track record stretching back to the earliest days of the internet of things, we offer unparalleled software services for the most complex IoT embedded security projects.

Software Development

Witekio’s software development service is core to the company and key to delivering value for our customers. Our teams are skilled at all types of software development for smart, connected, and handheld devices, for industrial IoT devices, embedded security devices, and for all types of cloud-connected products. Dozens of customers that return time and again to Witekio for their software development needs are a testament to the quality of the work we do and the cutting-edge software that we write. From start to finish, we help you make the right choices to support your vision, and we write clean and efficient code to extract the most value from your device.