Witekio Launches Sustainability Initiative across 4 countries

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Witekio, a leading embedded software company, has announced the launch of its new sustainability project which will be rolled out across its five offices, in four countries.

The initiative has several short-term and mid-term stages planned. Short-term includes a company-wide registration to Ma Petite Planète, a digital challenge where Witekio employees can log environmentally driven actions in their day-to-day lives to help the company achieve the platform’s target.

In addition to this, the company has formed a Green Product Development team to ensure the company maintains its environmental values in every aspect of its work, as well as creating the role of a sustainability champion in each office.

These initial goals were set by the management team after prioritizing the 1,200 proposals that were collected via dedicated green workshops across Witekio departments.

In the mid-term, Witekio will invest in an energy metering solution to monitor and reduce its energy consumption. The solution will also be used to assess the biggest area of improvement for Witekio, and once the analysis is complete, the company will set a reduction target that will be spearheaded later in the year.

“We believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a critical part of our corporate responsibility,” said Samir Bounab, CEO of Witekio.

“We are committed to making a positive impact on the world of tech, which is why we’re investing in real carbon footprint evaluation and company-wide environmental efforts.”

This is the latest in a line of Witekio-led environment promises. Most recently, the company became a member of the non-profit organization Time for the Planet, of which Witekio’s founder Yannick Chammings is a board member.

Georgie Ryan Casling - Content Manager
06 April 2023